Ep#125 Change Your Limiting Beliefs With Psych-K – Judy Kane, Psych-K Facilitator

Judy Kane has been helping people change their subconscious beliefs using the PSYCH-K process since 2011. PSYCH-K was developed in the late 1980s by Rob Williams, a therapist who was frustrated by the length of time it took for his patients to see positive results. It uses muscle testing to communicate with our subconscious to rapidly and practically instantaneously find the beliefs you want to change. Judy has had extensive training in PSYCH-K and works virtually with clients from around the world.

As an experienced PSYCH-K facilitator, she shares her expertise in podcasts, workshops and retreats.

To learn more about the Psych-K process and Judy’s services:

Visit her website: www. alignedconsciousness.com

Learn More About Psych-: https://www.alignedconsciousness.com/about-psych-k/

Free Guide: 7 Signs Your Subconscious Is Running the Show And What You Can Do To Change It!

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