Ep#121 How I Healed My Migraines With the Mind Body Connection – Lee Canter

Ep#121 Today’s guest is Lee Canter a nationally renowned educator, author, and researcher. Lee suffered dramatically from chronic migraines despite years of extensive treatments by both physicians and alternative healthcare professionals.

His unrelenting research skills led him to find and study a breakthrough evidence-based mind-body approach that guided his path to curing his migraines.

We talk about his latest book, My Migraine Breakthrough, an inspiring memoir that introduces migraine patients who have not been helped by the traditional medical model to an innovative mind body approach based on the work of Dr. John Sarno, a trailblazer in the mind-body medicine field, and one of the most famous doctors in the field of chronic pain.

Lee’s mission is to reach as many migraine and chronic pain sufferers as possible and share all that he’s learned about this mindbody treatment approach.

He started a nonprofit organization, named after his book, My Migraine Breakthrough and all profits from his book will go to further this effort.

Lee is also the patient advocate member of the prestigious Psychophysiological Disorder Association Board of Directors, the leading professional organization of mind body medicine practitioners.

Lee knows that every migraine sufferer’s journey is unique and hopes that they’ll be open to exploring the resources available in his book and website website that can support them to live a migraine-free life.

Check out his website for a wealth of resources: https://www.mymigrainebreakthrough.org

Buy the Book: My Migraine Breakthrough: How I Journeyed out of the Darkness of my Migraines, to the Light of a Reclaimed Life

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