Ep119 How Mold Toxicity Became A Catalyst For Reclaiming My True Gifts – Natalie Viglione, Intuitive Creative and Healer

Today’s guest is Natalie Viglione and she shares her personal healing journey navigating sudden and unexplained weight gain and other major health issues that she eventually discovered were the result of toxic mold exposure and an impaired immune system in early childhood. But what’s fascinating about Natalie is that her steadfast search for answers led her to discover much deeper aspects about herself, including her gifts as a psychic empath and intuitive. This powerful self realization set her on a new path to blend her intuitive gifts and passion for natural healing along with her creative business marketing savvy to help humans get the clarity they seek in their health and their business.

In addition to studying plant & herbal medicine and bio-frequency healing modalities, Natalie heads up with her husband Mark, a Creative Collective called Team Gu, which provides entrepreneurs with creative content marketing. The business has also evolved to include life and spiritual guidance with her Disrupt Now Program & Podcast. Through all these endeavors, Natalie believes she is answering a divine calling from her soul to help people understand how to awaken to become conscious, divine co-creators in their health and life.

Visit Her Website: https://www.natalieviglione.com

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Natalie’s Personal Recommended Book Resources:

Toxic: Heal Your Body by Dr. Neil Nathan
Cure: Your Fatigue / Root Cause Protocol by Morley Robbins
The Contagion Myth by Dr. Thomas Cowan

Podcast Transcript

0 (1s):
Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie.

Christine Okezie (22s):
Hello, and welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for listening. One of my favorite quotes about healing is by Pema Chodron. Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know. I find it’s this perspective that keeps us from falling into a victim mindset when it comes to persistent obstacles or recurring challenges in life. Well today’s guest is Natalie Viglione, and she shares her personal healing journey, navigating sudden and unexplained weight gain, and other major health issues that she eventually discovered with the result of toxic mold exposure and an impaired immune system in early childhood.

Christine Okezie (1m 4s):
But what’s fascinating about Natalie is that her steadfast search for answers led her to discover a much deeper aspects about herself, including her gifts as a psychic empath and intuitive, this powerful self-realization set her on a new path to blend her intuitive gifts and passion for natural healing. Along with her creative business marketing savvy to help humans take their power back in their health and in their business. So in addition to currently studying plant and herbal medicine and bio frequency healing modalities, Natalie heads up with her husband, mark, a creative collective called Tea, Gu, which stands for guru, which provides entrepreneurs with creative content marketing.

Christine Okezie (1m 45s):
The business has also evolved to include life and spiritual guidance with her disrupt now program and disrupt now podcast through her endeavors, Natalie believes she is answering a divine calling from her soul to help humans understand how to awaken, to become conscious divine co-creators in their health and in their life. This is such a beautiful conversation and I hope you enjoy it. And if you do like it, please leave a rating and review on apple podcast. I’d love to hear your feedback, and if you haven’t already hit the subscribe button I invite you to do so you don’t miss an episode. Thanks so much for being here folks, and enjoy the episode. Hey Natalie. So nice to meet you.

Christine Okezie (2m 25s):
Welcome to the podcast.

Natalie Viglione (2m 27s):
Oh Christine. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to go all the places we’re going to go.

Christine Okezie (2m 33s):
Excellent. Yeah, that’s a good way to start. So let’s see if we can maybe start at a, a real pivotable pivotal point in your journey, which is when you discovered this major health challenge, you know, a few years ago, and that, you know, perhaps how that served as a catalyst to do the work that you do now.

Natalie Viglione (2m 54s):
Yes. Major, major catalyst. You know, it’s interesting. I it’s health becomes a puzzle. It’s, it’s a huge puzzle. I think that I, I always wanted a wall where I could have strings, you know, go into, okay, here’s, here’s the major core problem. Here’s the 200 other issues that are happening and where was the, you know, and, and so I’ve rooted this all back into birth and what had happened at that time, which was glyphosate poisoning, well poisoning by poison of a cousin of glyphosate, which is agent orange. And it was, that was a catalyst in my life to set me up for a lot of health challenges when I was a little girl, and then I got exposed to black mold and then didn’t know how sick I was for a very long time.

Natalie Viglione (3m 46s):
But then your body says, I’m done. Like, I need help here. You gotta, like, I need some other things that you’re not giving me or I’m, you know, it’s these red flags start coming up. That’s when the symptoms show up. Right. So there’s symptoms for me. What was really interesting is it hit me like a ton of bricks and it almost, it almost was kind of like a ton of bricks because it showed up in crazy weight gain. No matter what I was doing, I gained weight after a seven day fast. Oh my gosh. I was like, oh, I think there’s, I think my body’s a little inverted or a little backwards right now. I mean, like completely upside down, you know?

Natalie Viglione (4m 27s):
And so anyway, a list that, that, that knowing and the journey that I had to go on to find all these different ways to put those puzzle pieces together was, is still quite fascinating. There’s always another layer I think, to pull away or the right kind of thing that needs to be done versus the things that have been done. But the cool part is, is that within all of this, I was sitting outside, I was doing yoga and I was meditating more. So just sitting in silence and I was like, what, what is this, what do I need to uncover? There’s more here. I feel it. And all of a sudden I had this huge, like I get chills just talking about it because it was so profound.

Natalie Viglione (5m 9s):
I got this moment where I all of a sudden saw these amazing women like lineup on the right, like the left side of my shoulder, like all the way back. And then it, they all slammed into the back of my head. I just slammed the ground. I was just like balling later, as I was kind of going through this, I realized that this health was, it was this health challenge, healing challenge, healing journey. The catalyst actually awakened the healer within me and the mastery of which I was supposed to, and I am igniting. And so with all the darkness comes this tunnel of light, that floods.

Natalie Viglione (5m 52s):
So, I mean, it has so much light that it’s, you’re still in the darkness and your story and the journey, but there’s a, there’s a profound reason sometimes. And I think I would dare to say most times all times of something that’s happening. So there is this positive aspect that can turn into something so much more.

Christine Okezie (6m 15s):
Amazing. Amazing. Thank you. Yeah. You know, a huge part, I think, was the process. It sounds like as if, if all things, as you said were upside down and inverted, that must’ve been really challenging. I mean, you know, I know from the world that I work in that this whole thing around shame and disempowerment, when it comes to, you know, you knowing you just having a knowing, you know, that something is off, something is wrong and you come up against so much resistance and so much minimization, you know, from the standard medical model, you know, and I don’t want this to become like a bashing session for the, you know, for a conventional medicine.

Christine Okezie (6m 58s):
It’s not, that’s not the point, but you know, so many of my listeners I know, can relate to just that, that stage of, of trying to figure stuff out when you’re, you’re really not able to find any validation anywhere. So just that process itself changed you. Right. Just the process. So tell us, like, you know, leading up to the goal, if I can say, or the, the light, so to speak that you, before you get there, you were still, like you said, in this tunnel, and I love that analogy. What did you know how to do, like tell us like what that was like, trying to figure stuff out, arch part in the beginning very much on your own.

Natalie Viglione (7m 40s):
Yeah. You know, it’s interesting. I think about this all the time and I realize, you know, from the beginning I was like, there’s no way I can go down the, the traditional medical track. I had already been awakened to the truth, but that’s not there’s there needs to be a bridge between trauma care and true holistic health healing, natural care care. And that bridge needs to be bridged that, oh, because you know, what, what had transpired in the beginning is, is I was like, you know, I just need to search for someone that I think can, can kind of at least maneuver me into the right path because I was kind of faced with this.

Natalie Viglione (8m 22s):
Like, there’s all these possibilities because I have all of these symptoms. So now we need to start narrowing that, those, all of that down.

Christine Okezie (8m 31s):
And what were some of the symptoms, Natalie, if you could just give us a good picture of that.

Natalie Viglione (8m 35s):
Yeah. So in roughly man, it was like a few months time. It was kind of a slow progression of like weight gain, weight, gaining weight that just, you know, but it wasn’t like a lot and it was just there. It was, I was like, oh, well maybe it’s just, I’m getting older. You know? Cause I had always been a very fit, you know, didn’t have to really, I was always very concerned about my, I have a vanity problem that I’m also challenged with this life that I need to heal. And that’s part of my self-compassion journey. And that’s a whole other inner work pathway. Yes, yes, yes. But because I was actually anorexic in high school, so obviously this is just like a thing. And so there’s some, there’s some big learnings spiritually going through this, even.

Natalie Viglione (9m 22s):
However, the interesting thing is when 30 pounds, 40 pounds shows up, shows up almost like, like you blink an eye. Right. So that was the biggest thing. And I was working out, I work out and I haven’t stopped, you know? And I, I mean, I work out every week, three to five to six times a week. I mean, I’m always doing things. I’ve always done things since I was 25 and I’m in my mid forties. So, you know, like this wasn’t like I had, there was no rhyme or reason. I mean, I was eating extremely healthy. I had just about eliminated, like everything, no dairy, no sugar, no milk. And then I had to eliminate even more because we’re now we’re trying to figure out all the talent, you know, all the things. Yes.

Natalie Viglione (10m 2s):
Yes. And so the symptoms were, you know, mostly the weight gain was the biggest thing and that, and the inversion under, like when I went on that fast, even, you know, that was like a big red flag of like, okay, my body is not clearly, it’s not operating like everybody. Else’s why. And so there’s some things of like Cushing’s disease or even Cushing syndrome because that’s, those are the same. Yeah. Insulin resistance is also the same, you know? So you start going down all these tracks of very similar symptoms at the final stages of it’s exploding inside of you. Okay.

Natalie Viglione (10m 42s):
Well now what, and you know, then there’s the journey of finding the right healers because that’s like its own, like that is just a whole other ball of wax that you like you’d think that, oh, well this’ll be great. But like the first person that I chose, you know, I, I believe he was a fully conscious and aware being that has helped heal many people, but his process for me, you know, I own my own business and he would make you wait sometimes hours to see him. And I was like, oh hell no, we’re not going to, no, I’m sorry. Your operational problems are not my healing problems now also. Yeah. So I was like, there was an egoic stuckness for him.

Natalie Viglione (11m 23s):
So I was like, okay, there’s got to be someone else. So the beautiful thing though is from every person I learned to puzzle pieces. Love it. And so that as frustrating, and as you know, you feel like you’re in this midst of a vortex of hell, because it’s just like, why can’t I find the one person that she can be like, oh, here you go. Here’s all the answers. Go ahead and lay them out on this table for you. And you can just go through this process. It’s going to be wonderful. Okay. That exist.

Christine Okezie (11m 54s):
Okay. Yeah. Right. In, in anything,

Natalie Viglione (11m 59s):
No nothing. Absolutely. You know, and we, and that’s the thing about being a healer or being a guide in this, you know, out of the healers, do the healing, like you choose it, you The work was like, you know, the, the, so yeah, all of these infections, infections, like all like sinus infections all of the time. And I had been dealing with those for years. I didn’t know why. And then respiratory infections for year,massive gut problems. Okay. And I would just kept being like, well, you know, I’d go see this, go see a doctor.

Natalie Viglione (12m 44s):
And they’d be like, well, I don’t know. I don’t know what to do for you. So it was a lot of little things that kind of was pulling together and just kind of exploded all seem to commence at a really interesting time, because we had moved from New York city into North Carolina.

Christine Okezie (13m 4s):

Natalie Viglione (13m 5s):
Was literally that year of moving. So I’m like, I wonder, like, I’ve always, I still don’t really know the true answer, but why all of a sudden did things explode? Was it just like an energy shift or something, but anyway. Yeah. So that answers that as a long answer to,

Christine Okezie (13m 20s):
Yeah, no, it it’s, it’s long, it’s tedious and you’re just trying to, you know, what’s interesting. What gets me is that you started to connect the dots. You know what I mean? You went way back into, oh, wow. That was my normal. And maybe that really wasn’t supposed to be normal because that, but that was my normal. So you string all these experiences and symptoms that are happening, but at the same time, as you’re noticing, there’s no box, there’s no box like where this all sort of makes, you know, like straight line sense for a diagnosis yet alone, a treatment or a protocol. So, but I do understand, and I just want to say that looking back in the rear view mirror, you can now own that it’s exactly what needed to happen for your learning and experience and your learning and growth.

Christine Okezie (14m 3s):
So yeah, I love that. So interesting. So you brought up the timing of when everything comes to head. And so again, this is part of your, of one’s own, well, you know, what else is going on in my life that maybe is not, I don’t see in my thinking head is connected, but what if it is right. Okay. So the big, it’s a big move, you know, but also another turning point in your life. So tell us about that. Interesting juxtaposition.

Natalie Viglione (14m 33s):
Yeah. You know, that, that, so moving out, I mean, we have lived, I’ve lived there for nine years and before that nine years in another city, so San Francisco. So I went from really, I went through these big, like massive, most of my adult life, city life, then we’re moving into, you know, the south North Carolina where we’re now in the mountains and in the Asheville region. So beautiful, great transition. But I almost feel like, you know, that transition was about slowing down because I had been, I mean, I have, I know my metabolism type now, all of these, it’s it all points to this, you know, I’m a very type a, I’m a go getter business, you know, and even before I owned a business, I was, you know, a leader in the company, you know, manager.

Natalie Viglione (15m 23s):
So you can just see how this all commenced. Like, I’m just one of those that goes and gets it.

Christine Okezie (15m 28s):

Natalie Viglione (15m 29s):
And I’m going to run that marathon and I’m going to go run that race and I’m going to go do this and then I’m gonna do that. And so what I felt like is my body, I caught up to my body.

Christine Okezie (15m 40s):
It worked until it didn’t work.

Natalie Viglione (15m 43s):
Exactly, exactly. And I think you can run through things like almost in a spiritual way, you can run through problems that are showing up because they’re, they’re not showing up in this exact way. But when I think back and you think about not everyone has sinus infections so badly that they have to, you know, it’s constant and all year you just, these stupid little things that are huge, you know, that you think I’m just going to deal with this because it is, well, it isn’t, you know, our natural state is not suffering.

Christine Okezie (16m 19s):
Right. That’s right. Can you learning there?

Natalie Viglione (16m 22s):
You learning. Yeah. Yeah. So that, that move, and it’s been interesting because I’ve had a bunch of different things happen because this journey is still going, you know, and I’m not there yet. However, I feel like I’ve gotten some magical mixes lately that have, are really, that are another catalyst into new learnings that just are mind blowing, you know? But I think the other big thing here is there is a time where we are being told very clearly to stop, stop, listen, go quiet. You know, I’m, I’m now my workouts are Tai Chi.

Christine Okezie (17m 4s):
There you go.

Natalie Viglione (17m 5s):
My workouts are walking, not killing myself, you know, with hit training, you know, and, and not to say that I don’t love that, but I mean, I we’ve got to listen and you know what, I, I don’t think I, I realized very clearly I was not listening.

Christine Okezie (17m 25s):
I love this. Yeah. You know, what do they say? You know, you want to sort of listen to the whispers of the body before it starts to scream, you know? And, and yes, and all the pain and that goes with that lesson is, is formidable. And at the same time, it, how it led to your, if I can say, you know, awakening moment, w none of that happened in 20, 25, not mistaken when you had the vision and okay. That happened in 2020. So again, you know, you kind of look back and you say, Hmm, there were some powerful things happening, you know, and what, what needed to happen was exactly correct.

Christine Okezie (18m 6s):
But now bring us up to that moment. Now, have you always been spiritual, have you always been sort of connected to your higher self or dibbled dabbled in, in self, you know, self development, you know, H how did that affect you? Like where was that? Was that coming out of left field or not so much,

Natalie Viglione (18m 21s):
Not so much for me. I was always that person got it, but I was never a part of the quote, unquote new age movement. It didn’t resonate with me. I felt like it was very, eh, and there was some things around my intuitions just buzzing, right. In housing, new, you know, but I was very much into, you know, that’s why I actually, I got into running heavily because I would go out of my body. They were like spiritual walk runs really where you’re just like, wow, that that’s, I think why I was really, I was kind of like addicted to that feeling. It’s nice being out of the body a little bit, you know? And I think that’s another problem that I’ve realized for me is wanting to be out of this body when it’s like the miracle of being in the body.

Natalie Viglione (19m 9s):
So that’s interesting. But yeah, so always spiritual, always connected. I was, you know, ousted from my family because they didn’t understand that they, you know, and again, all good things because it really pushed me in the direction that I needed to go. But the interesting thing when I started in my corporate life, which started very young, cause I put myself through college and stuff. I, I, I actually chose to keep very much of that spiritual component of all the things, very quiet, because it’s a very difficult to find like hardened people in that way, especially before the great unveiling has kind of shifted into all that.

Christine Okezie (19m 57s):
But you were in the corporate world for, you were in advertising sales. Yeah, exactly. I mean, it doesn’t get much more, you know, distinctive.

Natalie Viglione (20m 9s):
Yeah. So all that stuff had to go like underground. So they were like secret secret weapons.

Christine Okezie (20m 15s):
Tell me about that now. You’ve, you’ve written a lot about that and see, this is how learning, who, and what we are learning our gifts. Learning are our natural born abilities sometimes comes in really interesting ways. And it came to you, you know, in a really you, you, you, you were very strategic and how you recognized you had something, but you just had, didn’t have the words or didn’t have the right, you know, had a different framework I can say, right? Yes,

Natalie Viglione (20m 41s):
Yes, yes.

Christine Okezie (20m 42s):
How did your intuition help you in that corporate world?

Natalie Viglione (20m 47s):
You know, I, there is a very clear reason. I was in the, the trajectory of which that I, that I was in. And I’m still in so many ways, even in my business, but that it’s kind of split between two worlds now, but my intuition. So when, when you know what I think marketing and sales really are, which is where I spent majority of my time there understanding human understanding, the sovereign beings in which we all are, which is actually like really getting, like, what makes you tick? Like what, who is Christine? Like, what does she want in life?

Natalie Viglione (21m 27s):
What, what, what are your emotions and feelings towards things it’s like connecting into the person. It’s actually a quite beautiful science, if you really think about it in those terms. Sure. So that was the secret weapon because I, I really got it. Whereas people around me didn’t, they, they wouldn’t, they were looking at things like in that way. Yeah. So what it allowed me to do is really connect with people like they would feel heard, they would feel seen. And so if you talk in sales terms, right. You know, when you’re, when you meet 15 people and 15 people want to work with you, I’d say the close rate of almost a hundred percent pretty good. So if you can connect into those into people and really get them and customize something for them, that’s all we’re all looking for and like any, yeah,

Christine Okezie (22m 17s):

Natalie Viglione (22m 18s):
You know, so it really helps me, you know, but the, but the problem is, is when you’re, when you’re that in a corporate toxic environment, you know, these, those it’s like oil and water.

Christine Okezie (22m 29s):
Yeah. Yeah. It’s, it’s such, it’s, it’s not fully expressed right. Out of alignment. Right. It

Natalie Viglione (22m 36s):

Christine Okezie (22m 37s):
Right. But how interesting, so tell us now, looking back, you know, and, and, and as you connect everything, now, what role did intuition play in your own health journey and how does it continue to play? Because you know, we’re all in it still.

Natalie Viglione (22m 52s):
Yeah. Yeah. I, what, well, my intuition guided me to exactly what information I needed to know constantly. And that’s actually the intuitive healer is really what I would say that I am, because you know, I’m doing that with my animals. I can do that with other people. You know, all I need is to hear something that they’re talking about and I’d be like, oh, here’s a few paths you need, you know, here’s some options. You need to go look into these and feel into these. And so it’s very much an intuitive led process of, you know, if someone said, so for example, you know, I’m working with a nature path and she was like, what do you feel about heavy metals?

Natalie Viglione (23m 38s):
And I would sit there and I’m just thinking I’m getting a no on that. Like there’s no. And then I would get a hair, you know, I just got a hair test recently, mineral test,

Christine Okezie (23m 47s):

Natalie Viglione (23m 48s):
Blew my mind, blew my mind because everything that I had been eating was actually actually not in alignment with what my body was needing, like eating organ meats and things. And I’m like, oh no, I have to take the supplement form.

Christine Okezie (24m 6s):
Yeah. Oh yeah.

Natalie Viglione (24m 8s):
Yeah. It’s so when I got the test back, there was no, there was no heavy metal. So it’s, you know, there’s real, this really deep listening can really push us in the right, the right pathway. And man, when you start research, do you go down rabbit holes, you get to answers that you were like, wow, I didn’t think that these even be connected, but they are where you find authors or people with books or podcasts like yours is, you know, you go down this research tunnel and you get so much information and then using that intuition to guide you down the right path.

Christine Okezie (24m 46s):
This is brilliant. Right? So isn’t that just such the thing, you know, to really be, you know, in constant endeavoring, which is the blending of intuition and the intellect, you use the words, you know, similar to how I talk about science and spirituality, you know, and really just the ever fading division between the two. And if we can harmonize those aspects of who we are, you know, our psyche, whatever you wanna call it, life just works a lot easier.

Natalie Viglione (25m 17s):
Well, because you know, one does not have the answer without the other.

Christine Okezie (25m 21s):

Natalie Viglione (25m 22s):
There’s just, there’s no way, you know, and this is something that I’ve also uncovered as, you know, often a lot. Yes, everything is energy, but we are matter. You know, we have no matter, we are a chemical process of biochemistry, you know, project at the end of the day. And so again, you can’t say that every, you know, we get into these extremes. And so this is what I like about what you do and what you talk about is this, first of all, no, one’s the same. So stop saying keto works for everybody.

Christine Okezie (25m 56s):
Oh my God. I know.

Natalie Viglione (25m 58s):
I want to,

Christine Okezie (25m 59s):
I know, you

Natalie Viglione (25m 59s):
Know, that’s when the, the swords for me, when I, my, the warrior in me, he is like, oh, this is what makes this is what’s making us sicker. Right. Where everyone should fast. No, you know, these blanket statements that say

Christine Okezie (26m 16s):
A lot of books though. Let me tell you, I know a lot of programs,

Natalie Viglione (26m 20s):
A lot of, you know,

Christine Okezie (26m 21s):
You came from that world.

Natalie Viglione (26m 24s):
Exactly, exactly. And you know, that, just that knowing the truth, that we are also unique and whatever, you know, we need to uncover is going to, there’s probably lots of people having the same problem, but it’s going to kind of show up in different ways. It’s just such a powerful knowing that we really have to take off again. And that goes back to intuition too, of saying, I’m sorry, but you’re telling me that I must run because that’s the best way to work out. I say, no,

Christine Okezie (26m 57s):
Right. My body says, no, my beans says no. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So a whole new navigation system was always there, as you said,

Natalie Viglione (27m 8s):

Christine Okezie (27m 8s):
Just really activated now. Yeah. The connecting to that innate wisdom, connecting on a deeper level to your intuition. How did that, how is that evolving even more with this, knowing that you have an ancestry, a lineage that is actually supportive for this path that you’ve taken

Natalie Viglione (27m 37s):
It’s, it’s quite, you know, it it’s that moment in time where you realize, because he, you know, the healing journey when you’re really facing what feels, I hate to say chronic illness because I don’t, it doesn’t last forever. Right. There’s a way through and around. It’s just, we have to figure out what those things are. So it requires a lot of work. And, you know, I think that the connection to that supportive it’s, it’s like avatar really fully, really getting what avatar an avatar means, where you have wisdom of all of these incarnations, if you’re, you know, for those that really can believe in this.

Natalie Viglione (28m 22s):
But, you know, I saw it firsthand behind my left shoulder. I thought those were ancestors. And I thought, oh no, that’s me. Those were all B for me. And you know, when, when, but regardless it’s ancestors, it’s lineage, it’s you? Cause we are our own ancestors.

Christine Okezie (28m 41s):
That’s right.

Natalie Viglione (28m 42s):
You know, we, we forget that we can pull all that wisdom from all of those pieces, if we dig deep enough.

Christine Okezie (28m 51s):

Natalie Viglione (28m 52s):
And think of the possibilities as we get clearer and unblock and the program. And listen to that. I mean, that’s like all knowing infinite intelligence almost because it is. And so it empowers the journey a lot, you know, but it can feel very isolating. I think that’s what we can feel when we’re in a healing journey because no one else can understand, but you know, those are those moments of pain and you just recognize you’re going to have them, you know, even if you have the support of a wonderful, significant other partner or friends, or, you know, your own lineage yourself, you know, it’s, it’s hard, it’s hard.

Natalie Viglione (29m 42s):
And we have to, I mean, like, I, I think that the word grace is overused, you know, and people don’t really get it. Well, I fully got what grace giving yourself. Grace meant like the route at homology,

Christine Okezie (29m 58s):
Please share.

Natalie Viglione (29m 60s):
Yeah. Yeah. Well, you know, it’s, it’s like, you know, I think a lot of people speak of this in such a, a flippant way. Like, you know, the grace of, of the moment, you know, the, you know, and, but what, what this, what I feel this word is really about is you got to feel all the fields and you give yourself grace for having the, the, the capacity to go through all those low levels, to go through all those layers, to be kind to yourself when you’re having a day and you go like, don’t talk to me, date one of those kinds of days, you know, which can happen too, because we need sometimes that isolation to figure things out and to just feel, and if we spend hours crying, then you know what that’s what happens.

Natalie Viglione (30m 55s):
Right. Grace, true. Grace.

Christine Okezie (30m 60s):
Yeah. Thank you. Just deeper expressions of that big overarching lesson that you started this discussion with, which is to stop. And, and when you stop, you stop the spinning, you stop the doing, you stop the trying to make happen, the manipulation or the conformity, whatever it is, whatever we just do, because you know, we’re trying to find our way, but allowing, you know, the pain and despair and for anyone who’s been through any kind of persistent or chronic health challenge, this is where the rubber meets the road. Because while we can hold possibility in, in healing.

Christine Okezie (31m 41s):
And like you said, it’s, we know it’s not going to be like this. It’s always changing, you know?

Natalie Viglione (31m 46s):

Christine Okezie (31m 46s):
But to really meet ourselves, I think is what I’m getting from you. Just that just the courage, you know, to really just, yeah, this is happening right now. Just, this is the way it is. And it’s not like you said, it’s not right. It’s not wrong. It shouldn’t be different. It is that, that is this, that hereness is very powerful medicine.

Natalie Viglione (32m 13s):

Christine Okezie (32m 14s):
Is right. It is. Yeah. It’s that actually, it is that

Natalie Viglione (32m 18s):
It is, it is because, you know, even if you don’t accept that IX, that word accept is hard because you go into all of these things of like, I it’s it’s, I can’t believe that I can’t, you know, I came into this world in the way that I did and that happened, you know? So there’s a it’s, but you don’t stay in that place because that’s the victim place. Exactly. Exactly. You feel that. And you want to, you know, if you’re another warrior like me and you, well, I’m going to go battle these kinds of people. I’m going to, I’m going to stand up for what’s right. And spite for, you know, a chemical free toxin-free world, whatever way that needs to be.

Natalie Viglione (32m 59s):
So you can use these as, again, more catalysts for things that you can create in your life of like, wow, you know, people need to know about this. And it’s just even having conversations like this,

Christine Okezie (33m 13s):
Interesting to talk about the word, the victim mentality, or victim hood, you know, how do you get people out of victim mentality? How have you gotten yourself out of victim deli? Because I like to always say, you know, we’re, we’re always in choice. We might not be aware enough to be able to make that choice. That’s great for us, but we’re always in choice. Do you know, does that resonate with you ha you know, maybe speak a little bit about, like, there’s always that Razor’s edge between feeling like a victim and feeling like a warrior, like, what’s that, what’s that process for you? How has that been for you?

Natalie Viglione (33m 50s):
So the way that I’ve, I’ve I’ve really been, so for me, for me going through the journey, but then for other people think, you know, in that conversation, if we get stuck in the place of blame or despair, which really is the feelings that wrap into the victim hood of this happened to me, it’s, you know, literally I could sit here and be stuck in that because literally all of this was not my fault. Nothing that I did, I did not, you know, have McDonald’s every day. I didn’t ever not work out. You know, I did not care about my body was quite actually the antithesis of that to maybe a degree that was a little too crazy.

Natalie Viglione (34m 33s):
Maybe I don’t know. So it, I could stay, I have, I have, and I’ve had those weeks, you know, especially in the beginning because you’re just trying to figure it out. And you’re just like, how in the hell did this? How did

Christine Okezie (34m 49s):
I did everything? Right. I’m doing everything right.

Natalie Viglione (34m 52s):
Exactly. Exactly. Oh, wow. And you w you know, and that’s going to come, that’s going to keep coming. Like, but to move through that is to the, the process is inner. It’s all about the inner work. It’s all about connecting to an energy that is not of yourself, but of a higher love connection divinity that pulls you through and says, stand up, get up, because you’re here to make a difference. People need to know, you need to talk to, you know, you need to get through this and you need to move through this.

Natalie Viglione (35m 33s):
And you look at all this amazing things, the amazing things that you learn. I mean, that alone is like, I mean, I, I can’t, I can’t even explain the power of that knowing now, and the hundreds of hours of research that I’ve spent now, now I, you know, clearly I’m not going to get any, you know, I wasn’t being paid for that research. So that kind of sucks, but, you know,

Christine Okezie (36m 1s):
But it has actually, maybe this is a good segue. It has propelled you into a whole new field of study and, and, and service that you want to incorporate now in your world. Right. So share about that.

Natalie Viglione (36m 15s):

Christine Okezie (36m 16s):
Powerful catalyst for this.

Natalie Viglione (36m 18s):
Exactly. And that’s where that’s, I think is the conversation. You know, you, I think that healers lead by example, meaning, you know, I have, I, this is what, this was my journey, and I want to share this with you so that you can I say the word inner stand. Now, I really liked that word

Christine Okezie (36m 38s):
That dealing that,

Natalie Viglione (36m 41s):
Yes, please do I want to solve these to really inner stand? Like, why the cap, what is this catalyst in your experience and your life, because it’s going to be powerful and amazing for you so that, and then you drop the seed because that’s all that we can do is drop the seeds and they can stop. They can sow the seeds, or they can leave the seeds and not water it, or do anything with it. And that, you know, that’s the hardest part about all of this is knowing that we can’t change anybody’s mind. They need to pick up the pieces and they need to also become their powerful own healer. Yeah.

Natalie Viglione (37m 21s):
But it did, it, it was a huge catalyst for, you know, I’m now in a master herbalism program. And I swear, it’s just so beautiful. And it took me like six months to find a place that I felt would really resonate with my soul. Love it finally found, you know, the person and the school that he created back in 75. And it’s just, that has been, you know, it’s like that if you would, if you were to look at what am I here to master, and then that’s like in bold lettering as like the top thing. And you’re like, oh, well, I can almost check this off. That’s a power, that’s

Christine Okezie (37m 60s):
A hundred percent alignment. That’s a

Natalie Viglione (38m 2s):
Hundred percent aligned. That’s perfect. That’s what we call purpose. Yeah. And you found it by step, you know, stump, keeping stumbling through, you know, some major things. But I think outside of even health, this happens in a lot of different ways.

Christine Okezie (38m 16s):
Yeah, sure, sure. Any hardship, any, any re you know, conflict and, you know, in our life, right. Like we choose to kind of say, I always like to say, you know, what’s in this for me, you know, it’s like, you know, how can I make, you know, good use of what’s happening in my life right now, because it’s really shitty on the outside, you know? So it’s here though.

Natalie Viglione (38m 41s):
Yeah. Yeah. And it’s also not being a bite. You know, I, this, this is also a very important aspect is not being in that bypass mode where you’re just like, oh, it’s just a plan. And I’m just, you know, passenger and you’re not taking an active role in the thing because yeah. I think that is extremely important. We are, we are the drivers of our life bus. Mine is like a seventies, hippie Volkswagen bus. I think that’s pretty groovy. Basically a Scooby-Doo van.

Natalie Viglione (39m 24s):
Yeah. That’s another important aspect.

Christine Okezie (39m 26s):
Well, you talk about this in your work as it, and I’d be interested to understand like how you’re merging or every day sort of endeavoring to merge the two worlds you’re you’re in, right. Co-creating helping people become conscious creators with the universe. This is what you, this is your speak. This is your message. Okay. A, why are you so passionate about this? B what does that mean? How do you translate that in, cause you’re still doing the work of an entrepreneur now, right? Yes.

Natalie Viglione (39m 60s):

Christine Okezie (40m 0s):
And at the same time, you’re in this journey to step into your role as healer and, and be of service, perhaps, you know, in the near term, the medium term, in this greater way, what is this conscious creation thing? What, what is, what is creating mean? What is magic for that matter? Again, you have all of this on your, on your website, and I think it’s just beautiful, but I want to give you the opportunity to really speak, you know, how, how what’s the integration and, you know, what’s the message there for a person when they come to meet you.

Natalie Viglione (40m 35s):
Yes. Well, you know, we’ve spent so much time separating ourselves from ourselves further than we already are. Meaning conscious, separated from subconscious, which I think could we also be light versus dark light versus shadow love versus fear. And we have all of these variations of these extremes of the opposite spectrum of everything within us, as well as in the world. And when you, when you work so proactively and actively every day on in your life and in a business, whether that business is something you own, or you work for somebody else, because at the end of the day, you own the business that you’re operating within another person’s company.

Natalie Viglione (41m 25s):
And I think that’s also something people need to reframe. That’s

Christine Okezie (41m 28s):
Really important.

Natalie Viglione (41m 29s):
It is. It is, and its purpose regardless. Like, and that means you’re through these innate skills, these innate abilities, which is actually what I call the magic of who you are, because it’s unique. Like it’s never going to come through in the same way by anyone else on this entire planet ever. Wow. Because it’s, you pike, snowflakes and humans, there’s really no difference. And, you know, and that analogy

Christine Okezie (41m 55s):
We’ve, we forget that we, I mean, it sounds nice. Sounds very poetic.

Natalie Viglione (41m 58s):
It does. It does.

Christine Okezie (41m 60s):
But when you really shine that on, you know, shine that into a client or, you know, and show them that really have them really accept that embody that that’s, that’s powerful.

Natalie Viglione (42m 12s):
It is powerful.

Christine Okezie (42m 13s):
Our uniqueness, our in eight, you know, individuality, it’s pretty amazing. Yeah.

Natalie Viglione (42m 19s):
It is very powerful. And you know, whether, you know, I’m working with them in their business and helping them, we call it getting the magic into the world. Yes. And they’re becoming conscious of who they are. See that’s the matrix of the mind is seeing you, your beauty, your, everything, and bringing that into the world in a conscious way, an intentional way versus feeling like things are happening to you. And you’re just kind of like on a way you’re surfing, you know, I don’t really think of it that way. I think of it as I think you’re directing the wave. Like it’s even more powerful than just writing it. You know, flow is actually consciously creating every second.

Natalie Viglione (43m 5s):
And this is like what you said before. It’s choice. Every second is a choice. And if we can really get that power, that’s a whole other level, whether it’s our health, whether that’s our career, whether that’s our business, that we run the business that we want to run, you know, I mean, any, any little facet of our life, you know, if we’re consciously creating and intentionally being in those moments, we show up in, in with a power that literally no one can ever take away. And also people notice that people look at that and go, Ooh.

Natalie Viglione (43m 46s):
Hmm, Hmm. That’s, there’s something different about that one and they’ll either accept you or not. And it doesn’t matter. We don’t need validation by the way.

Christine Okezie (43m 56s):
That’s a whole other conversation

Natalie Viglione (43m 59s):
For the next few hours.

Christine Okezie (44m 2s):
And then

Natalie Viglione (44m 3s):
Yes. So that is truly what I feel is magic is, is putting it into the world, really getting what you’re here for and doing it. And it doesn’t have to be changing the world. Like

Christine Okezie (44m 16s):
You don’t have to be the big dramatic, you know, solving, you know, the cure for cancer. Would it be

Natalie Viglione (44m 21s):
Exactly it’s simple. It can, it’s, it’s really it’s can be quite simple.

Christine Okezie (44m 28s):
I love this. So, you know, a major thing that I’m getting is, you know, the compartmentalization, you know, that we do around spirituality, around health, around healing, around career, about being, you know, all the roles that we’ve all come to do here, right. That at the end of the day, if we can bring our true self to it, a true knowing of who we are, what we are to, whatever it is that quote unquote, we are engaged in and doing that’s magic, that’s healing, that’s, you know, connecting to, as you said, you know, that higher self, that higher knowing. I love that. That’s, that’s really key. So I’d love to ask, you know, how do you find balance now being this very successful entrepreneur, entrepreneur, and caring for yourself?

Christine Okezie (45m 16s):
You know, what, what does self care look like for you?

Natalie Viglione (45m 19s):
This is,

Christine Okezie (45m 20s):
This is a tough one for a lot of folks on the healing journey.

Natalie Viglione (45m 23s):
It is. And I tend to be, again with that, even my tablet metabolism type is my, like my personality type, a go getter kind of person. So, you know, I don’t, I don’t really like sitting around and waiting for others, you know, but what I’ve learned is flow. And if there’s, well, first of all, Chi is a workout, changing my mindset, the, you know, something that looks so simple. Let me tell you, I mean, it is not simple. And the work that it’s doing on your energy, on the soul on the body is like, Ooh, martial arts in general.

Natalie Viglione (46m 8s):
You know, that whole realm is just, is blowing my mind. So accepting a moment where, you know what, instead of turning on that computer, I’m going to go for a really long walk instead of, you know, getting into that mindset, I’m going to work until midnight. I’m going to turn it off, let me get up super early. Yeah. It’s just a complete and total mindset shift of really getting that. If you’re not, if I’m not doing all these things, going into the sauna, you know, doing the walking, the tight sheet, the energy, all this stuff, then all this other stuff isn’t going to matter because I’m not going to be alive to do it anymore.

Christine Okezie (46m 47s):
Wow. Values what really matters,

Natalie Viglione (46m 50s):
What really matters, like putting yourself into a hole and continuing the same path, doing the same thing and expecting different results, which as we know is insanity Or, you know, just figuring out what that balance can mean. And I think that some weeks it works some weeks, it doesn’t, but it really look at this long, longer term average of like, how are you really doing I’m thinking, huh? Wow. Like, I am staying true to all those things that I said that I would do. Am I doing this on every day? Because you know, some days I just don’t feel like it, like, I don’t want to get in there, you know? So that’s okay.

Natalie Viglione (47m 30s):
So there’s that word? That word grace comes back in, but you’re not, you know, slipping into these things. I’m not doing it for weeks. I mean, I’m talking like a couple of days, like balance is every single moment in every single day.

Christine Okezie (47m 45s):
Yeah. Thank you. Thank you so much for that. Yeah. Mindset flow. Really reminding yourself what matters and paying attention to how you feel like you said, and I just want to get more specific. So you mentioned energy work is, is part of your self-care and I’d love if you could maybe just share a little bit about what, what that looks like for you and how it’s helped your condition, your immune system specifically,

Natalie Viglione (48m 11s):
You know, I, this word Vegas nerve Is something that I’ve delved much deeper into than I ever have. Cool. And you know, you can, you can see it popping up in the world anyway. So clearly, you know, this is, this is something to pay attention to what I’m realizing. Not only, I mean, because in the work that I’m doing is I’m re the healing modality is really wrapped around energy intuition and all of that in all of the aspects that I’m doing. I feel like in most aspects that we’re all doing really, it is a part of everything, just connection with others is about energy.

Natalie Viglione (48m 54s):
So what this, what I’m, what I’m realizing is when, you know, in Tai Chi and in any kind of martial art, what they’re really talking about that she is the energy, but when you’re doing a lot of breath, work is focused on the belly button. The belly button is a doorway. I say, a cosmic doorway. You know, these are words that you don’t hear in the Tai Chi chigong language, of course, but that what I’m realizing is they, they it’s always been about working with your vagus nerve and turning it on and activating it. And I’m like, see, now, if people put those into those terms, you know, sometimes we need the words to like, make more sense of like, what, what are we really working on here?

Natalie Viglione (49m 38s):
Yeah. Like, and it’s such a powerful, I mean, that nerve has, it attaches itself to everything in our body will literally literally Oregon that’s

Christine Okezie (49m 48s):

Natalie Viglione (49m 49s):
So it’s like, it’s literally getting healthy from the inside out.

Christine Okezie (49m 54s):
Thank you. And I think you answered that in a way that I can really relate to, you know, because whether you were, whatever, the modality that you select that resonates truly, you know, resonates, you’re working on that inter multi-dimensional level of ourselves. Right. It’s it’s, you know, and, and, and as you said, I might call it as a Yogi. I might call it, you know, our third chakra, I might call it, you know, you might call it, someone might call it their central nervous system. One might call it cheap, but I love to geek out on is I love all this language. They’re just dialects.

Christine Okezie (50m 35s):
Do you know what I mean? But at the end of the day, you know, there’s so many we’re living in a time, I think where we can really appreciate that again, sort of that mind, body energetic plane is where everything happens, you know? So how do we access it? How do we make it more conscious? How do we find a daily practice? Like you said, you know, that we know we’re a tuning, you know, the conditions for health to occur with more ease and more flow. So I love this. This is, this is the essence of really, truly, I always say a genuinely holistic approach, right? Yes. You bring our full self to the process.

Natalie Viglione (51m 14s):
Yes. Yes.

Christine Okezie (51m 15s):
Okay. So what inspires you this days? And what’s the biggest takeaway you want people who are listening to take away from this conversation?

Natalie Viglione (51m 28s):
Well, inspiration these days is, you know, I’m doing, I’m recording a new, I, well, I’m in the process of pushing out a new course called tap into your magic. So, but you know, the inspiration through that is I’m doing exactly the very thing that makes me so uncomfortable as being on camera in this body. So I am forced to face myself every day and the very thing that is what I feel inverted. And so it makes me, it makes me awaken to the reality and the shadows in which I need to work with around all of this.

Natalie Viglione (52m 12s):
I also was extremely inspired recently by the root cause protocol book, which if people have not touched into that, you know, that’s a powerful, very powerful research presented in that book. And it really opened my eyes to some more levels of healing and knowing.

Christine Okezie (52m 33s):

Natalie Viglione (52m 34s):

Christine Okezie (52m 34s):
We’ll definitely include that in the show notes. Yeah, for sure.

Natalie Viglione (52m 37s):
Yeah. Yeah. Very, very good. And I just want, I would really like people to know, because we’re all in this, you know, we’re living in a world where it’s difficult to find nutrition, that the holistic sense of what that word means from, you know, water and finding the right sources of food. And I mean, there’s just, there’s so many things we have to be focused on. And the truth is, is that we can find health in this all, but it’s going to require us to be conscious creators of that pathway and to keep going and to share the experiences that people are learning, because you’re learning may tell a person that’s waiting for that information somewhere else, that you don’t even know that you would ever inspired that person and it could change their entire world.

Christine Okezie (53m 33s):
Yeah. Yeah.

Natalie Viglione (53m 34s):
So we have to talk about what we want to heal. That’s the only way we can really truly heal.

Christine Okezie (53m 40s):
I love that. Oh my gosh. Thank you so much. And so Natalie, you mentioned the coursework, but you know, what’s the best way for folks. Do you got a podcast, please share if people want to get more in your world and, and, and learn more from your journey and what you have to offer. Yeah.

Natalie Viglione (53m 58s):
I have a podcast called Disrupt Now.

Christine Okezie (54m 1s):
I love that title.

Natalie Viglione (54m 3s):
The word up is in disrupt. So that’s just all I’m going to say there. I think that says a lot. And so disrupt now program is the site that you can find me. And then it links out to my, the business work, which is called team goo, which is about, about creative work writing and such. So yeah, disrupting our programs, kind of like a hub to go to where you can see all these little avenues in the podcast as well.

Christine Okezie (54m 28s):
Thank you so much. This has been amazing. And you know, is there anything maybe I didn’t know enough to ask?

Natalie Viglione (54m 35s):
Yeah, no, I think, I think we covered it all.

Christine Okezie (54m 39s):
I was challenging. Oh, that’s awesome. Thank you, Natalie. You’re, you’re an inspiration. You’re a bright light in this world and thank you. I’m so glad our paths crossed

Natalie Viglione (54m 49s):
Me too. Thank you so much for having me. I truly appreciate you and your work.

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