Ep#106 Transmosis Energy Healing With Intuitive and Spiritual Healer, Tracey Whittet

If you’re brand new to the experience of energy medicine and even if you are not , you are in for a special treat with today’s guest, Tracey Whittet. Tracey is a gifted energy facilitator and intuitive guide based in Santa Fe, NM. She’s trained in many energy healing modalities including: Divine Healing Hands, Theta Healing, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Yuen Method and Healing Touch. Over the years, these and other trainings have evolved leading her to implement an integrated method called Transmosis. On the show, Tracey shared the ins and outs of this unique energy clearing system that connects us to the healing power of our divine nature. You will want to definitely listen to the whole thing because at the end Tracey conducts a nervous system clearing that is a beautiful gift that can help us navigate today’s challenging times.

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Podcast Transcript

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Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie.

Christine Okezie (23s):
Hello, and welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition podcast. I’m Christine Okezie. Thanks so much for listening. When it comes to the expansive field of energy medicine, we are truly living in an extraordinary time, never before have biofield therapies, aka energy healing modalities been more accessible as well as increasingly validated by the medical and scientific community. As for myself, I continue just to be an awe of all the many ways that we can work with our body’s multidimensional nature in ways that facilitate our self healing capacity and ultimately give us an experience of who we truly are. Well, if you’re new to the experience of energy medicine, and even if you’re not, you are in for a special treat with today’s guest Tracy with it, Tracy is a gifted energy facilitator and intuitive guide based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she’s trained in many energy healing modalities, including divine healing, hands bay, and a healing Reiki access consciousness.

Christine Okezie (1m 22s):
When method and healing touch over the years, these and other trainings have evolved leading her to implement an integrated method. She calls Transmosis Healing on the show. Tracy shares the ins and outs of this unique energy clearing system, but even better. And you got to stay tuned into the middle part towards the end, even better. Tracy gives us and including you as the listener especial opportunities who experienced this very sacred, very powerful process, where she helps us clear away and dissolve that, which isn’t serving us any longer, our ongoing growth and expansion. I can’t wait for you to listen to this fascinating uplifting conversation.

Christine Okezie (2m 4s):
I’d love to hear from you. So if you like the podcast, I’d be grateful if you’d visit apple podcasts, leave a rating and review, and you haven’t already hit that subscribe button. Please do so. So you don’t miss our next episode, which comes out every week on Thursday. Thanks so much for listening and enjoy the episode. Hey Tracy, welcome to the podcast. It’s so nice to meet you.

Tracey Whittet (2m 26s):
Thank you. It’s great to see you and hear you.

Christine Okezie (2m 29s):
Exactly. This is great. I’m very grateful for planet zoom. It’s, it’s, it’s quite miraculous. Really.

Tracey Whittet (2m 36s):
We kept it all together during, you know, the pandemic.

Christine Okezie (2m 39s):
Yeah. And, and you’re coming in all the way from New Mexico, right?

Tracey Whittet (2m 42s):
Yeah. I’m in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It’s beautiful here. The city, different sec, the oldest Capitol of the world or the, of the United States

Christine Okezie (2m 49s):
And like a magical place. A

Tracey Whittet (2m 51s):
Really very, very sacred, very sacred. Yes. Yeah,

Christine Okezie (2m 55s):
No coincidence. Thank you. So I’d love a, we could at the beginning, you know, what brought you first to the practice and the field of energy healing?

Tracey Whittet (3m 6s):
Hm. You know, I kinda joke and say that I’m an energy work junkie, but I just resonate with it. And I just love it. And I, I think my natural inclination is to always improve self-improve myself and, you know, I love the sole science of nutrition or yeah, because I mean, who at 18 years old goes to the pool and reads, you know, what your doctor didn’t tell you about nutrition? You know, I was just, I don’t know why I was just gravitating towards that. And I guess it was back in the I’m older. So it was back in early eighties, 1980. I lived in Northern Virginia DC Metro area.

Tracey Whittet (3m 47s):
And we lived in this neighborhood called Camelot. And we had this wonderful woman that used to host every Sunday at our house. We’d go to her house for, of course in miracles, we would study a lesson and discuss it. So it was like spiritual studies and things. And she did like reflexology on me and I learned about it and I was like, oh, this is so great. You know? And, and she invited someone in town. One of her friends had hosted a Reiki master to come to Fairfax, Virginia. She told me she encouraged me. You should take this. And I’m like, okay, I don’t, you know? Okay. So I took Reiki one, I think it was in 1983, my

Christine Okezie (4m 30s):

Tracey Whittet (4m 31s):
And I guess, any kind of energy work that I do, I found out that I had a natural ability. I mean, I guess I’ve always been kind of into, I ha I am intuitive, but when I use the word psychic, it’s like, it just feels more richer, you know, soulful more intuitive when I use that word versus psychic. But I think I’ve always been psychic. I just know things, but I don’t know that I know them because it’s like a fish in water. You don’t know you’re in water. You just don’t know. And so when I took this Reiki class, I realized that I had a gift and any energy work modality that I’ve ever studied, which is vast many, I always share the common denominator is I would always share what I hear and I see, and it’s not like I see clairvoyantly sometimes I’ll see lights and stuff outside of myself with my eyes open.

Tracey Whittet (5m 25s):
But normally it’s like clear sentience, like what I feel on the inner. And it’s interesting that I just, I think connection is the whole thing, connection to your divinity because we are human beings, but we’re divine human beings. And we forget about the divinity within us and, and making it practical into our everyday life. Right. And yes,

Christine Okezie (5m 48s):
Yes, yes.

Tracey Whittet (5m 49s):
So it started with Reiki and then I did Reiki two, and then I did Reiki three and 95 and healing touch something called UN method cam you is in Southern California. That was fascinating, that energy work, but the things that really stuck in that I’ve, I’ve just kind of like taken it all together. Everything that I’ve studied, theta healing. I studied with master Dr. Shaw learned divine healing hands. There’s just so many things that are just kind of unusual and not real mainstream. Yeah. And if I follow my inner guidance, my life goes great.

Tracey Whittet (6m 32s):
If I go against it and use my mind, not so much, you know, so Reiki, healing, touch and access consciousness is amazing, right? I mean, it’s just so simple. So easy. You just hold those 32 points on the head and, and stuff just clears with their magic clearing statement. Right. Wrong, good, bad pod, POC, all nine shorts boys and beyond it’s like what, you know, it goes right over your head and it’s supposed to cause it really clear stuff energetically. And one day in, I lived in Boulder, Colorado, or I worked in Boulder, Colorado, but I lived in Longmont, Colorado, and I was driving to work and there’s this wonderful woman named Vicki Cashman.

Tracey Whittet (7m 16s):
And so I was driving by Vicki’s house. I was at the four-way stop. And I looked to my left and I heard spirits say, call Vicky. And I’m like, yeah. Okay. Whatever. And then I thought it kept saying it like my inner guidance was called Vicky. So I called her, I didn’t know her real well. I knew that she had a dome like this geodesic dome event center, if you will, it’s small, but for like for workshops and things. So long story short, I called her and outgoing message because hi friends, I’m out camping, but if you want an energy clearing session, please call jeans, guy feather. I’m like, seriously, I finally called and she’s not even there. Right. I hung up.

Tracey Whittet (7m 57s):
And then I thought, wait, energy clearing session. I’m kind of curious. So I called back and I got, I wrote down the phone number for Jean and sh and sure enough, we got together that afternoon at the dome. And Dean offered an energy clearing session with this method that, that Vicki and gene teach called spirit mending or multi-dimensional body balancing. This is the first time I have, you know, if you sign up for a class, normally you get to go. But this is the first time that I had to interview to take this class. And it was a group interview.

Tracey Whittet (8m 37s):
And, and what I found in this clearing that gene did for me, that offered for me was like, oh my gosh, they are giving structure to what I am doing organically or naturally. So it was like very curious. So I went and I’m working full time. So I take for an early lunch or whatever. And I go to this group interview and they would ask us questions, like, do you drink? Who are your guides? You know, I don’t know. They’re just white light. They’re violet. I, you know, I don’t know specific. So this is really weird. So I’m standing in line there to go to the restroom at our break. I look on the wall and there are two pictures of these ascended masters.

Tracey Whittet (9m 23s):
And for some reason, in any potent conference or spiritual event that I’ve been in, for example, Tony Robbins unleash the power within this was a long time ago in Denver, walk across the coals and all that stuff. He would take us through these five hours of the Dickens process of really going deep. Like if you don’t make change, what’s going to happen to you. And I remember at 2,500 of us in this convention center, I’m laying on the ground. I’m kind of grossed out about it. Cause it’s public and everything of that, like on the ground between the rows of chairs. And I saw this blonde man in like a cameo in my spiritual eye and he was laughing.

Tracey Whittet (10m 5s):
He had his head back and I didn’t know who it was. And I’m like, you know, like when she’s asking, who are your guides and stuff? And so I’m standing in line at this bathroom right. In the same room. And I look over and there’s a blonde hair, ascended master. I’m like, who is that? Right? And she said, oh, that’s the master go? Bolt dos, Gopal Daas I had never heard. I thought it was just Meditron is this St Helios in Mount Shasta, who is, you know, and it was, it was Gopel dos and come to find out Gopel dos is part of the Eckankar, religion, or of science and still travel.

Tracey Whittet (10m 47s):
And all of that. It’s a very wow experience. So, so they brought me to Vicky Goble Dawson brought me to Vicky. So I took Vicki and Jean’s class and go pulled us is the one that taught her how to do it. And he’s not on the planet anymore. He was in Egypt 5,000 years ago. So this is just so synchronistic and how we really don’t have to worry anymore. We really don’t have to have fear anymore if we could just trust the divinity within us, you know? And that’s easy to say looking back, but when you’re in life right in the present moment, you’re not sure cause you don’t really trust yourself. So this work is very powerful. It’s multi-dimensional body balancing.

Tracey Whittet (11m 30s):
And I’m going to backtrack a little bit because I started with Reiki and I was working in LA. I lived in Longmont, working in Boulder and I put up my little sign, like I do Reiki, you know? And so this person found my card and came to the house and I had my hands, I don’t know, over her torso. And I, I heard on the inner trans Moses trans Moses, what? And I had a whiteboard in my little sun room where I worked and I wrote it down. And then anytime I went to like a group channeling or this or that, that was my question. And no one knows, no one could tell me what it means. So it’s like trends and osmosis. What is this?

Tracey Whittet (12m 11s):
And so finally I asked myself, I asked the developer and it’s in essence, it is the recipient on the table is elevated to the level of source, divine, God, creator, whatever you want to call it, that is most appropriate for them. So it’s some sort of ability that I have that is like, I’m a mediator or intermediary to assist the person to be uplifted that is most appropriate for that person at that time. So trans Moses is the assimilation of unconscious energies that uplift the recipient to the level of source is most appropriate for that person.

Tracey Whittet (12m 53s):
So basically we clear out all this stuff that you don’t need so that you feel lighter. I think of it as spiritual hygiene, you know, it’s like getting an energy bath, a wash. It’s like, when you go to the sound healings and they’re doing the bowls and it’s like, all the vibrations vibrate out, all the stuff that you don’t need. So with this work, with these a theory clearings, it’s like 1% is physical. We’re bones, body, you know, all of that, but there’s so much going on that we don’t see, or I can’t see, but I can feel and sense and perceive. And we all have had trauma or wounds or disconnects that happen in our life.

Tracey Whittet (13m 36s):
And so with this work, it can connect you to the root cause of what’s not working well in your life. So a lot of times let’s say when I was a kid, I fell down and I cracked my little teeth. You know, I was two years old, so there were baby teeth. So it was okay, but had like this upside down V MIT, I don’t know why this memory is coming back. And, and what happens is I’m always afraid I’m gonna fall. Right? And so it gets stuck in the past. That energy experience gets stuck in the past. And this is just my own way. Like I see, like, I feel like there is a, a matrix graph paper all around us, like a field to glob of energy that gets stuck there.

Tracey Whittet (14m 23s):
It gets stuck in the past. So if energy gets stuck in the past and we’re supposed to be present, sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re not present because we’ve got this stuff happening in the back. That’s just blocked or stuck energy. What is fascinating with trans MOSIS healing, which I’ve kind of taken, you know, spirit, mending theory, clearings, multidimensional, body balancing, and made it my own because it is coming through my vehicle, my and purification and being as I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. And not to say that I didn’t do that before. It was really fun.

Tracey Whittet (15m 2s):
And I’m still fun. I don’t need to do that because this work is very, very subtle. It’s almost like soul homeopathy, like, like cures. Like, so if you were on my table or you’re sitting across from me and we’re doing a session, we consecrate the session we call in and this, I found to be most important. You call in 100% pure divine light. I always thought I was communicating with St. Germain and all of these, you know, ascended masters, but my first energetic clearing Vicky said, oh, wait, we have to wait. There’s a changing of the guard. When she called in a hundred percent pure divine light helped me for my highest and greatest good for myself.

Tracey Whittet (15m 48s):
And for all concerned, there was an actual shuffling of energies. So when you command it, we don’t even realize how powerful we are when you command it with your voice, with your thoughts, with your feelings. Yes. It happens. It’s like you can tell the chakras to line up, partner up in balance and they do it. So if you tell, if you call in a hundred percent pure divine light, that’s what comes. And so, and for some reason, I’m, I’m shifting in my mind to talk about the dark because you know, people are kind of afraid. There’s love and fear. And with the dark, it’s no big deal because, and I respect it.

Tracey Whittet (16m 30s):
You know, I’m not being flippant at all because I don’t want to be attacked and have to overpower and be a warrior and all that stuff, but it exists. And that’s what makes our world here whole, right? Yeah. The light in the dark. And it’s kind of like a construct that holds our reality together. And what we’re our job is to connect in the neutral space, which is our heart. So you send your energy all the way down through the chakra system and connect to the center of the earth and you stay connected. And then that beam, or that layer of wash of light, that pillar of light comes up through the heart. And then it goes to the high heart and it goes out the crown and you connect to source the ocean of love, whatever you want to call it.

Tracey Whittet (17m 14s):
And then you return to neutral in your heart. So you are heaven on earth. You are connected to above and below. We are that. And we forget how powerful we truly are. That’s what’s most confusing to me. Like I’ve been me my whole life. Why is it that I it’s taken me so long to get it, to, to really realize that I have this ability to love myself, to not only just, you know, as a female and a mother and a wife and all of that, you know, you care for everybody else. And we kind of forget about ourselves. So personally, every day I call in a hundred percent pure divine light, and I declare myself a vehicle and you can use whatever words you want, but I declare myself a vehicle for the supermom, which is like the unity, like the source, like God.

Tracey Whittet (18m 7s):
And I declare myself a vehicle for the exec, which is like the holy spirit. It’s like Reiki, the life, universal life force, it’s everything. And then I declare myself a vehicle for my master. I call him them a Hanta and it’s, it’s just a, and then I have my own collective called Aliyah. I didn’t even know it was a collective, but I think that I’m the local representative here. And I got those words for my dear friend in Toronto, Corrina. Shaha amazing mentor, amazing energy worker. I wouldn’t say psychic, I would say just a knower. She’s here to serve the planet. So I highly recommend Karena Shaha so, you know, you’re the local representative and I’m sorry, I’m rambling so much.

Tracey Whittet (18m 49s):
But one time, One time I was in a workshop with Rebecca skill, a lovely mentor here in Santa Fe. And she said, why don’t you guys? We were in like a hotel and we were in a U shape hotel room, so we could see each other. And then we had these like little placards that we would make, like, what is our, what is our essence? What is our deal? What is it that we represent here? And or what do you want? And I wrote down soul alignment and I put my little plaque card up there and I was like, and she said, you know, you were like, you’re at the UN and you represent soul alignment. And all the people behind you that you represent are in your tribe, in your cell.

Tracey Whittet (19m 34s):
And it just makes a lot of sense. So for a long time, I had that little soul alignment thing on my bookshelf, you know, and I would look and go, yeah, that’s what I want. That’s what I am.

Christine Okezie (19m 42s):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. This is, thank you. This is very powerful understanding around, you know, that that really resonates with me. So this, this notion that we forget, or we, we have a hard time remembering, you know, what we really are, who we really are. Right. So many wisdom traditions, you know, current, you know, I, I don’t like the word new age, but because everything’s ancient really, but you know, it all comes back to that, doesn’t it, it really is peeling away. Whether you come through, I always like to say, you can come through sort of the door of psych psychology, neuroscience, right?

Christine Okezie (20m 21s):
Spirituality. They all intersect in this one fundamental truth, which is that we have to come back home, right. To, to knowing who we are, peeling back, all the layers, the process of energy work, clearing away, those, that, those things that really don’t belong to us, you know, but we’ve taken on for lots of really important reasons. Right. And then finding our way back to that core essence and in, and when we do, and we have an embodied experience of that misses where you, your, your description really does speak to me. It’s, it’s the most amazing comforting experience, right?

Christine Okezie (21m 3s):
It does it dissolve so much of that rumination or even the stuff we’re not even aware of where caring for me, it’s very subtle. It’s like, I’ll have my days. And on the outward I’m, I’m functioning really well. Right. I’m getting all my stuff done. Then I’ll just sort of be like, okay, whatever. And then I’ll have my, I’ll do a meditation practice, do some yoga, whatever it is, and then drop into a whole different reality, which is that we’re part of some, we’re part of something that is the same intelligence that I say keeps the planets in the sky, the same intelligence that we’re watching, all the here in, in the east, watching all the buds bloom and all the trees, you know, start to become, you know, new and evergreen.

Tracey Whittet (21m 44s):

Christine Okezie (21m 44s):
We are that it’s like a warm blanket. And so what I hear is that connecting people to that experience, you know, is what the power of the system does. Right. I found more and more, we do this work. It’s not really magical because it’s something that we all have by design, right? Like what are some examples that, you know, you like to work with that, you know, common health issues, life challenges that you’ve had success with.

Tracey Whittet (22m 15s):
So people have experience. And those experiences that happened to us in our childhood served us. So you create a protective mechanism around you, whether it’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, to not recreate that trauma or whatever, but everything is relationship. So you need to be in relationship with the divine and with yourself. And within us, what’s the beauty of this work is I don’t do it. I get to be the witness and the observer to call in the a hundred percent pure divine light. It’s like, we call in your guides, my guides of a hundred percent pure divine light. And then I get to be the voice of what I’m witnessing that is occurring.

Tracey Whittet (22m 59s):
So you would tell me if we were having a session and I asked you to fill out this form, what do you want to work on? What are your symptoms or whatever, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and anything else you want to share. Then through the training that I had through the multi-dimensional body balancing, there are so many avenues in which to go to what could be going on for an individual, right. And I’ve had it where people have come to me and they go, I don’t know, whatever spirit has to say. It’s like, Hey, what? And I can do that. Right. But at the same time, I really want to empower people. And I really want people to have self-responsibility what’s going on in their life because we are co-creators with life.

Tracey Whittet (23m 40s):
So what I did is I distilled all the information of all the teaching that I through Vicki and Jean’s class. And I put it on what I call a map and I know, know the viewers can’t see it, but it’s a lot of words. And I did you before we started

Christine Okezie (23m 57s):
To dive into that,

Tracey Whittet (23m 60s):
It’s very confidential. It’s very sacred, right? But sometimes we have so 80% of the time, all of our wounds and disconnects are stuck in three systems in our body, the nervous system, the endocrine system and the chakra system. Now I kind of had about back in February, like, is this Henri con I don’t know, but I noticed that it attacked the nervous system. Cause I was exhausted. You know, the mitochondria just wasn’t. I just was like exhausted. And I thought about that. I go, that makes total sense that the nervous system is the first system fight or flight or freeze.

Tracey Whittet (24m 41s):
Right? You just, you want to get that in homeostasis, back into balance. Yep. So there’s the nervous system, but the nervous system, the nerves, the peripheral nerves feed the endocrine system, the glands, the thyroid, the adrenal, the pancreas to set out all the chemical messengers to do their work in the body to keep balance going. Right. The endocrine system is connected to the chakra system. So for, you know, and so I don’t know where it, where something is in somebody’s body. So we have many bodies and they’re called inner bodies, but we always see the depiction of the physical, the super physical, the astral or emotional causal, which is like our past lives or memories or, you know, Akashic records.

Tracey Whittet (25m 29s):
We have our mental body, the etheric body, our soul body, but they’re all in so high, but they’re holograms that look just like you, right? So most of the time we have energetics that are affecting our life, that aren’t even ours. And you can learn that in the access consciousness. Right. Is it mine clear it? If it is, if it’s not returned to sender with consciousness or if it’s something else like the earth needs us, give it to her. Right? So with this work, you tell me what you want to work on. I go in and I call in a hundred percent your divine line. And I just ask them to show me and I use applied kinesiology or muscle testing.

Tracey Whittet (26m 11s):
And I go, and I go, just show me what is for Christine’s highest and greatest, good for herself. And for all concerned, it’s not just about us. It’s like, what is the best for everyone? Because I don’t know. And so beautiful and central line, oftentimes we inherit things from our mother and our father’s side of the family. That’s not even ours. And it comes through the DNA can come through the subjective, sorry, subconscious mind, thoughts, behaviors, traumas that aren’t even ours. So that’s typically where I start. And I find out like on your father’s side of the family, 20 back, I would call up that whole generational line and place them in the separation room and binding gag, all Ms.

Tracey Whittet (26m 51s):
Qualified energies that are no longer serving you or them. And then we call in the purple transmuting container and the purple light transmutes it. And I’m weird in the way that the symbols work for me. Do you remember that jello that would separate into levels? When I see white on the bottom and dark purple on the top in a parfait glass, I know it’s done. So we take those energies that have been transmuted and we inject them to the place they’ve earned the right to be because they have life. They keep living to continue on and never returned to you or this reality. And then we, if you clear something like with the violet light, the violet swimming, flame clean, clear cleanse, heal, harmonize, and balance on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions.

Tracey Whittet (27m 35s):
And then sometimes you want to scramble neutralize and dissolve all negative holographic, feeling pictures, cellular memories, beliefs, and statements. You just get it all done. Then the world or the universe likes the vacuum. So then you, you fill it back up with liquid golden light to heal and seal all those rips, tears cracks, all those non-beneficial frequencies that we’ve cleared. Yeah. And then you anchor and hold with divine protection. So that’s kind of a high level of one issue and we’re like a program in a way. And so if your lack have a lack of time and I’m working in the soul body of the nervous system, I might take that nervous system of your soul body.

Tracey Whittet (28m 15s):
It looks just like you. And I put it in the fight or flight room and we pull it down, restore, reset, regenerate, recalibrate, and integrate, and get rid of all of that sympathetic nervous system reactions so that the parasympathetic can return you to balance. And it stays. And of course there’s levels and layers with people, things come up and some people who are sick, sick, like if I had a dear friend who had cancer and I would see her every week and we would just clear as much as we could before she transitioned. So her next life would be freer and lighter and easier

Christine Okezie (28m 53s):
When you have this map, you know, which essentially is what you’re saying, this, this more accurate depiction of the system, of the container, really of the system, right? How we access it is it’s a game changer, right. In terms of what is possible. And that’s, I think the beauty of it, I would love to ask, you know, what do you do on a regular basis? Because it’s about, you know, like anything else, you know, you can eat a really good, healthy, nutritious meal, but if you’re doing it, like, you know, kind of infrequently every once in a while, right. You’re not going to get the greatest benefit. So in a same way that when it comes to self care, our energy, self care, you know, maybe you could share a little bit about what you have learned works for you.

Christine Okezie (29m 35s):
And also if you could go on and maybe give us, you know, what are some maintenance, fundamental maintenance practices that you like to see? You know, your clients employ after they’ve done some work with you?

Tracey Whittet (29m 48s):
Yeah. I send everybody a trans most is healing. After care. You be gentle with yourself. If you want to take an Epsom salt bath, make sure you hydrate with pure water and things like that every day, Jim and I meditate or contemplate every day. It’s like brushing your teeth. That’s, that’s how I connect. And the way I used to do it before I just did it with my own consciousness, was to use a Oracle deck or something like, show me what I need to know today. And a card pops out and gosh, darn it. If it didn’t make sense, right. For that day, We live in Santa Fe in a beautiful home. And in our living room, we have paintings all around the living room.

Tracey Whittet (30m 30s):
And I guess I’m going to plug myself for a second, but I, myself and two other authors, we wrote this book, the magic within unlocking the gifts to the inner self. So I would invite our viewers to think of the alphabet a through Z and whatever letter comes to you, like K kindness, just be with kindness all day long as a contemplated way to nurture yourself. Right. I will say that I reached out for help when I was having this really weird experience. And I have a lot of, you know, inner experiences or emotions that I can’t understand. And I, I think that emotions are the key to what’s going on and that you can ask, but sometimes you don’t get answers because you’re so overwhelmed in it.

Tracey Whittet (31m 20s):
Or at least I was couple of weeks ago, I had this experience where I was like, what is going on? Are there solar flares in the world? What is going on? I can’t explain what’s happening. I had, I only did, was wake up, you know, and I would explain it as a Mo an emotion would be almost like an over amplified feeling of insecurity, but I w it wasn’t that, and I couldn’t resolve it. And I had a session with a friend who pulled in angel, you know, Reiki, and, and it was lovely. And it sues me. It was very nurturing, but it was still happening. And I’m like, who is there anyone on this planet that can help me? And I heard Patrick, my chiropractor and I don’t go to him cause he’s like, so big energy.

Tracey Whittet (32m 5s):
It’s almost too much for my sensitivity until I just, I re I got that call him. And he, I said, I’m having an expansion experience or something going on,

Christine Okezie (32m 15s):

Tracey Whittet (32m 16s):
Like other than appointment for the next day, which is fine, but I’m still in it. And I had to teach us that saying that night. So it’s like, I’m going to do trans most us on myself. So I went into the living room and I did my map and I had everything circled. I’m like, what is going on

Christine Okezie (32m 32s):
A lot?

Tracey Whittet (32m 33s):
So I sat down and I called in my guys at 100% pure divine light. And I asked for my highest and greatest, good to be done for myself. And for all concerned. And the high level note is I didn’t have to go into all this nitty gritty. And the map, what I was shown was a scene in my mind’s eye of like snow, of like a snow fence. I could just see a little bit of a snow fence in the perimeter around night vision. And I think of that in chigong kidneys or fear and ice. And you’re like trying to break up the fear, but I was in unchartered territory. And then all of a sudden this wind like a blizzard or something came and it pretty much expanded me past the temporary fences.

Tracey Whittet (33m 18s):
The snow fences were not working. And I went to figure, and then they showed me like, from a soul perspective, looking down at this beautiful ocean water, it wasn’t like big waves. It was like I was in a bay or a Cove. And that water color was so interesting on the inner. It was like that crayon called midnight blue. So this guy gets that, I love that color. And then the sand was almost an orange you read. And then I kind of came out of it and I’m like, okay, wait. Now, do I have to go back and clean up all this nitty gritty? And it was like, no, the light did it. Something happened that I cannot explain that I helped myself with.

Tracey Whittet (33m 59s):
And I record these sessions and I give the audio to people. I haven’t really listened to that session. So I be curious because that’s very multidimensional body balancing multitasking in the brain to do it for yourself. But I think I channel, and I don’t think it’s channeling an entity. I think I’m, I’m someone told me it’s called Chiney you go up and get the information. And then whatever the recipient needs to hear or experience comes through. And it was a half an hour session. And I swear to God, I felt so much better afterwards, and I still needed support great that big expansion that I had, But I didn’t consciously ask for it.

Tracey Whittet (34m 40s):
It was a graceful gift. That’s uncomfortable. So I got it. You know, we, we think, oh, why can’t we just heal a hundred percent and be done and ascend and do all this stuff. And it’s like, our bodies can’t handle that. It’s like, whoa.

Christine Okezie (34m 53s):
Integration is such an important component of any healing work. Right. I mean, even from the most basic, you know, well, we can read a bunch of stuff and we can say yes, that makes so much sense. I get that. But we’re only going to be able to embody and really absorb only so much. So it’s important. The analogy you’re bringing in around energy work around this subtle body work is in a way it’s kind of comforting because if someone’s working with an energy healer, it’s very assuring to let them know, you know, that, that they know that you’re only going to be girly going to go so far within that, which is best for you. In other words.

Tracey Whittet (35m 34s):
Yeah. It’s done with love by the divine.

Christine Okezie (35m 37s):
Yeah, exactly. So that’s an interesting point. Are there any, you know, myths or maybe misconceptions around these experiences? Cause, cause from the outside looking in, they, they are very powerful. They are very, like you said, multidimensional. So we’re working out, you know, mental health and emotional health, right. Are there any myths or misconceptions, you know, maybe some fear around folks who are exploring, trying to explore new energy healing modalities, what do you like to kind of make sure people understand?

Tracey Whittet (36m 11s):
Well, the main thing is that the light always prevails all day. The light always prevails and yes, darkness is here.

Christine Okezie (36m 25s):
What is darkness?

Tracey Whittet (36m 26s):
So if you were on a scale of one to 10 and is the light darkness would be nine and below and you could name them, gargoyles, arc demons, you know, I don’t even like to give them attention. But one time I did work with a woman. She was an Asian woman who had been, who had had this entity with her, her entire life. And as God would make it happen, I was already living here in Santa Fe. And I went back to Colorado to take an entity class with biggie and gene in them.

Christine Okezie (37m 4s):
Oh my goodness.

Tracey Whittet (37m 5s):
So I’m, I’m done with the class. And then I go over to my friend’s house and I bought an, oh my God. I had to implement what I had just learned. And I’m pretty brave. I’m pretty courageous. But this was something out of this world that I had never seen before. It was kind of like the Chinese food dong dogs. It was, it, it, it, I could describe it. It was like gray. It had like pointed little ears and red, red eyes and it wouldn’t leave. And I was calling in everything I could. And finally I just called on the supermodel. I called in God, handle this place. And then I could, I got lost in the darkness during that session. And then it left, you know, I, it, the purple transmuting flame got rid of it and it left, but sometimes, you know, I will not create karma consciously.

Tracey Whittet (37m 52s):
And I, I did everything that I could, I felt like it was a resurrection and that session, it was one of the most powerful, Powerful sessions was the imbalance in her life. Anger, lots of anger,

Christine Okezie (38m 5s):
Lots of anger

Tracey Whittet (38m 6s):

Christine Okezie (38m 7s):

Tracey Whittet (38m 9s):
And behavioral issues that weren’t even hers. You know, it was, it was ancient lineage for myself. When I was having that big expansion experience, normally I would go back 20 generations in a ancestral line. I went back 135 generations on my father’s side of the family. That was the number when I was muscle testing. I mean, I don’t even know the story. We don’t need to know the story. Let’s just clean up the darkness. And so a lot of times we made vows in our past. A lot of times we’ve made contracts with the dark unknowingly. And a lot of times, all we need to do is put it in the sec, call it a hundred percent pure divine light. That is the main message. A hundred percent pure divine light.

Tracey Whittet (38m 50s):
And then I’m not suggesting anyone go out and do this on their own, but you call it up and you put it in the separation room and we don’t touch it. The beings of light touch it and separate it out. And then we bind and gag it. Some people don’t like that word, like contain it. But I find in gag, I don’t want anything coming after me.

Christine Okezie (39m 6s):

Tracey Whittet (39m 7s):
Transmute it, and then objected to the place it’s earned the right to be never to return to us. Or this reality you’ve served your purpose, just like that accident or that abuse for a child. They create those mechanisms that serve them as a child, but they didn’t, they’re not needed any longer and you need to be free. We’re all here for spiritual freedom, I believe.

Christine Okezie (39m 25s):
Yes. That’s a great analogy. Great analogy. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. We want to let go of all the survival mechanisms. Right. And all the things that, you know, protect us over time. They suffocate us, you know, over time they, they become more and more the what’s distorting again, coming back to that wisdom of who we are. Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. Thank you. So, you know, when it comes to the world that we’re living in, you know, these days unprecedented time, certainly from a consciousness standpoint, a lot of things being brought to the surface, things that, you know, we all need to see and work with, but it can be overwhelming.

Christine Okezie (40m 8s):
Okay. And so I’m just going to mention, you know, this, this is broadcasting in may, may is mental health awareness month, right? Yeah. And so when it comes to all levels of healing, fundamental is our mindset. You know, as we talk about it, because the interplay of emotions and mindset is really has tremendous impact on the quality of everything we do in our lives. Right. So I would love to, if you would offer, you know, what is a good reframe on how to work with our anxiety, how to work with all the challenges that are coming up right now. I don’t know, just words of wisdom as you talk consciousness and healing, you know, what, what what’s coming through for you right now, that would be most helpful to hear.

Tracey Whittet (40m 53s):
I would encourage everyone to connect within and connect within their heart because it’s like your GPS system. It knows. And if you’re angry, there’s a reason that you’re angry because something is out of sync and it shouldn’t be happening or something you just need to trust yourself. And so how do you do that? You do that by connecting with yourself every day, calling in a hundred percent pure divine light, asking for your highest and greatest, good to be done every day and not buying it. You know, it’s so hard to think that our world around us, the outer world is real because it seems so real, but it isn’t. And I, I w I don’t know if I should offer a quick, like, nervous system.

Tracey Whittet (41m 39s):
Let’s just clear it and I’ve never done it for a group. Okay. Let’s try. All right. So I would invite everyone to just have the feet on the floor, spine erect, or laying down, whatever works. And if you’re driving, please, don’t close your eyes and just, just breathe in and out of your heart chakra in the center of your chest, through the front and the back, and you breathe in. And so that it expands you on the inner, in, through the front of the heart chakra and the back chakra as you inhale spirit is actually exhaling. And as you exhale in the same manner, out the front and back of the heart chakra, you’re exhaling and spirit is inhaling, and you’re reconnecting to the divinity that is all around you and send that energy from your heart space down through the solar plexus, the sacral chakra, the root chakra through the earth star, into the center of the earth and connect and have that beautiful light come back up.

Tracey Whittet (42m 44s):
Your layer wish your pillar of light, the rose gold light all the way up through the earth star, through the root chakra, the sacral, the solar plexus and the heart, and rising up through the high heart, the throat, the spiritual eye out the crown through the soul star and into that ocean of love. And that looks like a beautiful white light beam and have that energy come back down that white pillar through all the chakras and return to the heart and expand out and be as big and wide as possible as you are. And I want to call forth all the nervous systems, and I’m going to start in the soul body.

Tracey Whittet (43m 25s):
We’ll just do one sequence and protocol. We’re going to call forth everyone’s nervous system in the soul body, and I’m just kind of looking at it. And I see that we’re pretty wrought. We’re pretty worn out. We’ve been inundated through the outer world, through the media, et cetera, through our friends, through this pandemic, through the war, through all of these things that appear to be horrific. However, if we stay connected within our heart space, we know the truth because we are alive. We are in our body, and we do have a lot of feelings and a lot of emotions coming up, but just know that you are in control and you have the power in concert with the 100% pure divine light guidance that you have with you.

Tracey Whittet (44m 14s):
So looking at the fight or flight system, we’re going to place you all into the holographic fight or flight room. And we’re going to ask the angels and the ascended masters, and the 100% pure divine light guidance to use the violate consuming, flame and clean, clear cleanse, heal, harmonize, and balance the nervous system on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions. And let’s say, we’re supposed to be at it. We are supposed to be at a zero or oh one, and you’re at a seven or an eight or a nine everybody’s different. But what happens is being in the violet light here with the masters, they are pulling down and injecting all of these energies that no longer serve you.

Tracey Whittet (44m 59s):
And we’re activating the parasympathetic nervous system to pull it down. And the dial I started at seven, perhaps someone is as high as 14, I don’t know, but in the middle of seven, and it goes down to six and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and now we’re at zero. Our nervous system has been discharged of all of that stuff that no longer serves us. And as we bask in this neutrality, we want to restore, reset, regenerate, recalibrate, and integrate on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions.

Tracey Whittet (45m 41s):
And while you’re sitting there or lying there in the fight or flight room, I want to call forth. We have in our brain, the five pack, and this is our pituitary, the Peniel, the hypothalamus, the thalamus and the ponds. So I’m going to call forth the violet light to clean, clear cleanse, heal, harmonize, and balance the five-pack in our brain, eject any negative objects, reverse any and all negative thought forms, clean, clear cleanse, he’ll harmonize and balance on all levels, layers, timelines, and dimensions. And let’s scramble, neutralize and dissolve all negative holographic, feeling pictures now, scramble, neutralized, and dissolve all negative holographic cellular memories, and last scramble, neutralized, and dissolve all negative holographic beliefs and statements.

Tracey Whittet (46m 32s):
And come through that rainbow light waterfall to present time, the rainbow light waterfall of all the colors, purifies and cleanses you and brings you into this present moment, purified and cleansed and clear. And now we’re going to heal and seal with liquid golden light and we’re healing and sealing all the rips, tears cracks, all non-beneficial frequencies that we’ve cleared. We’re activating upward spirals, we’re reversing any and all implosions and contractions we’re reversing any and all sharings and now anchor and hold with divine protection of truth, wisdom, and healing love who are this divine being. And now everybody looks like they’re just a beautiful golden light in this encapsulated field of energy.

Tracey Whittet (47m 18s):
And just as an added bonus, let’s activate the D as in dog D sharp shield, two to six octaves above middle C, 12 layers, deep polished the inside and the outside only love compassed through that membrane. That’s around you. You can activate the D sharp shield, or you can just say activate that shield. Tracy talked about. If you don’t remember, and just go ahead and know that only love can come through that membrane. So you will reflect to yourself and see if you were thinking, feeling and acting in a non-beneficial way for yourself and for all concerned, and you’ll catch yourself. And the beauty on the Polish of the outside is any negative energies coming towards you.

Tracey Whittet (48m 0s):
You are protected because that consciousness sees itself and it’s returned immediately. And I want to say, if there’s any bodies out there, meaning a theoric mental causal, astral, superficial, official, and physical, all of those bodies, let’s replicate this protocol with the divine intelligence that knows for each person listening to this. If they need it in their mental body, it will go there in the exact right divine timing and the exact right. Divine potency. And I want to thank you all. And I want to thank our guides of a hundred percent pure divine light and the light tools, the violet flame, the purple transmuting, flame, the golden light, all of it.

Tracey Whittet (48m 45s):
We are so grateful. Thank you. And I hope that helped and does continue to help play it over and over again, if you’d like,

Christine Okezie (48m 52s):
Thank you, Tracy, what a gift, what a powerful gift. Yeah. And just letting you know, I feel really transported. I don’t, I’m not sure what you’re experiencing, but it’s

Tracey Whittet (49m 3s):
Vibrating, like crazy.

Christine Okezie (49m 5s):
Exactly. That was, that was powerful. And, and I guess that, yeah, it, thank you. Thank you. I, you know, two takeaways that for me are really useful, are really important to highlight is asking to be a vehicle for divine light. Right. And, and, and I love that because what that basically says is, you know, kind of, there’s a handing over energy around that, you know, and there’s a receiving, let me be a good receptacle, let me, you know, clear away and put down anything so that I can receive that, which is always wanting to be, you know, for my highest good and, and be here for me. And that’s so different from the gotta make something happen, got to fix myself, got to manipulate that, to go get what I need and want, you know, very different energy around that.

Christine Okezie (49m 51s):
Right. So, so that’s, th those are some important ways that we can, you know, work with all levels of our being. So thank you so much. And please share, put all this in the show notes, but is there anything maybe that you want to highlight that people can learn more about you experience you, obviously you work telephonically and right. And by video, okay.

Tracey Whittet (50m 13s):
You go to my website, Tracy, with it, T R a C E Y w H I T T E t.com. You can schedule a session or you can read about it. And then as a bonus, I think it’s on the page that says book, I have a free, there’s like a minute video or something, and you can put your name and number or email in there, and you get a free copy. It’s just a PDF of the book. Or you can buy it on Amazon called the magic within. And that is a tool that each and every person can use every day. Like I said, you pick a letter a, to Z and work with the topic and the artwork I think will be for sale someday soon. I’ll put it on the website, if it, because that activates you to like see for creativity.

Tracey Whittet (50m 56s):
That’s the angel I got today was creativity. So I’m just going to expansive.

Christine Okezie (51m 3s):
It’s a great way to move expansion. Yes. Thank you so much. All right. Well, Tracy, this has been amazing. It’s been so valuable. I can’t wait to share it. Thank you for everything. And I’m so glad that we met

Tracey Whittet (51m 15s):
Me too. I enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the invite.

Christine Okezie (51m 18s):
Thank you.

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