Ep#103 Never Give Up – What I Learned From a Lifetime of Chronic Pain, With Dawn Cady, Founder of The Neural Alignment Method

Today’s guest has a truly inspiring story of self healing and personal empowerment. If you’ve ever felt dismissed, ignored or not believed about a health issue or chronic struggle or perhaps been told, “it’s too late for you to change”, “it’s all in your head” ; you are going to want to listen to my conversation with Dawn Cady.

Dawn was a chronic pain sufferer for 31 years and used to take 13 painkillers a day. She learned how to walk again even though doctors told her she would be disabled for the rest of her life. Her personal health challenges drove her to learn everything she could about treating chronic pain, illness and disease.

Dawn Cady is Holistic Certified Specialist, Multi-Award-Winning Pain Expert, Australia’s Premiere Pain Freedom Coach, Founder, and Owner at Alleviate Pain Inc. since 2016. Dawn is also highly specialized in Emotional Freedom Technique, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Process Work, Energy Work, and Explain Pain Methods.

It took 15 years of research, trial and error but in 2014 Dawn created The Neural Alignment Method®, a multi-award-winning process that unites over 120 of the world’s best healing tools and techniques.

Check out her Website: https://www.alleviatepain.com.au

Join her FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/alleviatepainau

Free EFT Tapping Script “Direct Tap on Pain”: https://bit.ly/3v3n9Yk

Free e-book “6 Stages of Healing” https://sixstagesofhealing.alleviatepain.com.au/ebook

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