Ep#100 When Wanting To Eat Healthy Becomes Unhealthy – With Eating Disorder Dietician Jessica Setnick

At the core of what I do as a Holistic Health Coach is my belief that we need to elevate the conversation when it comes to what it takes to feel nourished and truly thrive in these bodies. My guest today shares my passion and commitment. She’s Jessica Setnick, one of the most recognizable names in the eating disorders treatment world. As an Eating Disorder Dietitian, with an academic background in human behavior, Jessica is an expert in dysfunctional and disordered eating with a gift for identifying the underlying issues. Over the course of her career she has treated thousands of patients in private practice and now is on a mission to educate health professionals on today’s evolved understanding of eating disorders so they can better help people find the much deserved peace and freedom with food and their bodies.

Visit Her Website: www.JessicaSetnick.com

Free Resources:

For Individuals: www.FoodFairyTales.com
For professionals: www.EatingDisordersBootCamp.com

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