Ep#097 The Mystical Science of Cardology – With Intuitive Coach Laura Haehl

Ep#097 The more we understand ourselves the more we step into our full personal power because the decisions we make in our lives become aligned with what really matters to us rather than being dictated by our familial conditioning or society in general. This journey of knowing yourself is not really an intellectual endeavor but a heart centered path where we let curiosity, exploration and compassionate inquiry lead the way.

Today’s special guest is Laura Haehl whose mission is all about guiding people to access and trust their intuition. She’s a yoga instructor, Reiki Master and intuitive guide with a passion for Cardology. Cardology is the ancient mystical science of playing cards, a.k.a. the astrology and numerology of playing cards. These cards represent personality archetypes, symbols of our personal expression and a guide to what the important elements of our life will be like. Laura and I talk about how the cards can help us better understand what are natural gifts are, what type of work can give us the most satisfaction, how we interact others in personal relationships and more.

Look up your card: laurahaehl.com/cards

Join Intuition Activation starting March 20: For an even deeper dive join her fun, interactive class that will give you the gift of learning to trust your own inner guidance. https://www.laurahaehl.com/intuition-activation-course

Walk the Camino: laurahaehl.com/retreats

Recommended Resource Book: The Cards of Your Destiny, By Robert Lee Camp

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