Ep#087 A Radical Paradigm For Overcoming Chronic Disease – Nauman Naeem M.D.

On this episode we dive deeper into the realm of consciousness and healing and explore a paradigm that places us firmly in the driver seat of our health and life . That is of course if we are willing to embark on a path of self realization, radical acceptance and ultimately unconditional self love. If you’re frustrated with modern medicine’s approach to illness as separate from all other aspects of our lives and and the manner it’s confined to treating the physical nature of our humanness, this show is for you.

My guest is Dr. Nauman Naeem, a physician specializing in pulmonary and critical care medicine whose quest to understand the true nature of healing and disease has taken him far beyond the confines of conventional medicine and into the realm of mind body medicine, consciousness and metaphysics. Practicing in both the US and Canada for over 2 decades treating tens of thousands of patients, Dr. Naeem observed that the majoritiy of patients with chronic disease do not heal, and that a percentage of which have no desire to heal. This realization compelled him to dive deeper into the psychology of healing.

We discuss his illuminating book, “Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease And Radically Change Your Life.”

Dr. Naeem continues his conventional medical practice in Ontario Canada, along with teaching, coaching, and consulting on all that he has learned.

Email To Set Up a Consultation: wholehealthexpert@gmail.com.

Visit His Website at www.naumannaeem.com

Buy the Book: “Healing From The Inside Out: Overcome Chronic Disease And Radically Change Your Life.”

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