Ep#059 What Are Sonic Vitamins? Interview With Metaphysician and Sounds Healer Erica Longdon

Today we explore the therapeutic application of sound, frequency and vibration as a natural way to restore balance by activating the body’s innate healing mechanisms. Just like the food we eat, the sound and vibration we take in has the power to build or diminish our health.

My guest today is Erica Longdon, a UK based metaphysician, author, Angel therapist, reiki master and meditation teacher with over 20 years experience in the field of complementary medicine. In her new book, Vibrational Sound Healing, Erica artfully breaks down the complexities of sound healing into a practical actionable guide for daily practice, exploring various sound tools, including bowls, gongs, angelic vibrations, drums and tuning forks. She also explores how our inner vibrations, our thoughts and intentions, and the sound of our very own voice can be harnessed for self healing.

Her book, Vibrational Sound Healing is a must have resource guide, filled with tools and exercises you can begin to use right away as well as a rich list of books, online resources and courses.

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Podcast Transcript

0 (1s):
Welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast, where you’ll discover that when it comes to your health, you’re so much more powerful than you’ve been led to believe. And now your host, she’s a holistic nutrition and lifestyle coach, chef author, and Yogi, Christine Okezie.

Christine Okezie (22s):
Hello, hello, and welcome to the Soul Science Nutrition Podcast. I’m Christine Okezie . Thanks so much for listening today. So to quote Edgar Casey, the father of holistic medicine, he says the medicine of the future will be music and sound. Today we explore the therapeutic application of sound frequency and vibration as a natural way to restore balance by activating the body’s innate healing mechanisms, just like the food we eat, the sound and vibration we take in has the power to build or diminish our health. My guest today is Erica Longdon out of Cornwall in the UK, a metaphysician author, angel therapist, Reiki master and meditation teacher.

Christine Okezie (1m 7s):
With over 20 years of experience in the field of complementary medicine. Eric also works as a spiritual advisor offering star scopes and card readings hosting her own weekly radio show on one, two radio breakfast with Erica in her new book, vibrational sound healing, Erica artfully breaks down the complexities of sound healing into a practical, actionable guide for daily practice, exploring various sound tools, including bowls, gongs, angelic vibrations, drums, and tuning forks. Erica also explores how our inner vibrations, our thoughts and intentions and the sound of our very own voice can be harnessed for self healing.

Christine Okezie (1m 50s):
As you’ll hear in this uplifting conversation, she is so passionate about teaching people, how sound healing tools are a simple, yet sophisticated way to work with the body’s energetic intelligence. Her book by brain sound healing is a must have resource guide filled with a long list of books, online resources and courses as well. It’s available where all books are sold. It’s filled with tools and exercises you can begin to use right away. So to learn more about Erica, please visit her website, WW dot angel, hands heal.co.uk. And of course that’ll be in the show notes. So I hope you enjoy today’s episode on vibrational sound healing.

Christine Okezie (2m 33s):
And if you do like the episode, please feel free to leave a rating and review. And if you haven’t hit that subscribe button, please do so it helps me keep the podcast growing. Thanks so much and enjoy the show and hello, Erica. It’s so great to have you here. Welcome to the soul science nutrition podcast.

Erica Longdon (2m 50s):
It’s a real pleasure and an honor to be here. I’m so looking forward to this conversation, thank you for inviting me. I really appreciate it.

Christine Okezie (2m 58s):
My pleasure. My pleasure. So, you know, as I read your book, vibrational sound healing, which is just a wonderful, wonderful resource. We’ll dive into that today, like myself and other holistic practitioners on the show, the path to the healing arts has been rather Securitas and kind of, you know, catalyze, but what me might call, wake up, call moments and things like this. I would love if you could please share your transformation journey, you know, from working in television to becoming, you know, a healer in the metaphysical industry. No,

Erica Longdon (3m 33s):
I did take an awakening. I mean, television, I loved, I had a wonderful time, but it’s a real without being unkind Twitter, it’s an Eagan ego-driven illusional industry because that’s what you’re creating on TV. You’re creating illusion. That’s what it’s for. But, and that’s not to say there are not spiritual people in it. I ha hold my hands up. Of course they are, but I wasn’t one of them.

Christine Okezie (3m 55s):
Yes, you were a non-believer I think

Erica Longdon (3m 58s):
Very much, very much caught up in it all a non-believer but also somehow aware within myself, but not recognizing that, that it wasn’t illusion and the shell on the outside didn’t have anything substantial on the inside, but that’s quite a hard thing to recognize, especially when you’re younger. So it took a fairly brutal wake up call. In my case to, to sort me out, I was on my way in rush hour London to a long day shift. I used to be a television voiceover. I was one of the voices behind the scenes and somebody hit my car broadside at speed and the car went up in the air and it is true things.

Erica Longdon (4m 41s):
Go in slow motion. I know that’s an, a television illusion for the movies, but really it does. I remember looking out at the passenger side window and seeing the sky going past and thinking, Oh, somebody just hit my car and is this going to be it what’s going to happen? And there was absolutely no fear. I just remember seeing the sky going past and thinking, Oh, okay, this might be it. I do not remember hitting the ground. And I was extremely fortunate. I lay there and my car was on its side and I kind of wriggled all my, you know, remember your medical training, you see in all the movies, have I broken anything? I rattled everything and it seemed to move.

Erica Longdon (5m 22s):
So I thought, okay, maybe I can try standing up. So I released the seatbelt and every window in the car had broken and I stood up and the last just poured off me like a shower. I hadn’t a single cut on me now. Now I know that my angels, my guardian angels were so on my case that day indeed. But I hadn’t met them at that point. I just, yeah, but what actually also happened when I hit the ground, which I didn’t realize I had, even though I hadn’t broken anything, I’d quite substantially, my neck had taken the impact, interested to a very long story short about two years later, the other thing was, I’d been told by medical experts.

Erica Longdon (6m 4s):
I would never ever have children. And at that moment I was pregnant. Wow. So that was, you know, the universe is going okay, we’re done now.

Christine Okezie (6m 13s):
Goodness, not a tap on the shoulder,

Erica Longdon (6m 17s):
Got time for that by this time 30 something. And they go, Oh, come on, woman. Wait.

Christine Okezie (6m 23s):
Oh my goodness.

Erica Longdon (6m 24s):
So I just carried on for two years, you know, being a working mother and looking after my daughter and I bent down to pick up one of her toys one day and my back locked completely. I couldn’t move. And I just knew there was some kind of knowing had kicked in by that point, that medical science didn’t have the answer. They were going to give me painkilling pills and say, lie down. I have not got time to take that painkillers and lie down. I’m a busy, but I also, I was again, fate kicked in because by sheer luck, two of the main teaching schools in the whole of the country for osteopathy happened to be in my local town. Wow. So I thought, well, I’ve heard of these osteopath guys.

Erica Longdon (7m 6s):
I better go. And w again, fate took a hand because you’re treat it because it’s a school you’re treated by the students and the student kind of manipulated my neck a bit. Cause I S my lower back is gone. And the student said, excuse me, and went out and came back with a senior tutor who is a wonderful man who used to be princess DI’s osteopath. I mean, he really he’s a Sharman as well. He’s the business. And he looked at me, he was a great dry sense of humor. And he manipulated my neck and said, good God, Madam, what have you done?

Christine Okezie (7m 39s):
Oh my goodness.

Erica Longdon (7m 42s):
I said, well, Hey, I bent down to pick up my child’s toy. And he said, no, you’ve been in some kind of accident. The car went that way. You hit your head. I thought, how do you know this? This is incredible. Again, it was my spirit saying, look this more to you than this. Look what this guy knows. And I came out of it, thinking I want to do this guy. Does I want to be a healer? And they couldn’t afford the courses in osteopathy because it’s a four year training. It’s incredibly expensive. So I became a Musser and I knew I didn’t want to be a physical Masser. I love physical massage, but I didn’t want to go down the sports route. Okay. Then I met my Reiki master, and that was it.

Erica Longdon (8m 23s):
Once you’ve got the energy running and your hands, you go, okay, there’s more to this life than the elution. There’s something else here. That was then I was really on the road.

Christine Okezie (8m 32s):
Beautiful. Oh my gosh. Okay. That’s wonderful. I mean, that’s dramatic. And, and just the universe wasn’t hanging about by that. No, no, no, no. And you listened, you know what most important that’s one

Erica Longdon (8m 44s):
Of my vitamins in this book, Sonic vitamins is vitamin L. Please listen, listen to your valve, listened to your guides. Listened to coincidence. Don’t wait till you’re in a car accident,

Christine Okezie (8m 55s):
Please. Yes, yes. Messages all the time, right? Yeah. Okay. So now I understand the energy. I understand sort of the, the Reiki path and what was it in introduce you to the power of sound

Erica Longdon (9m 8s):
Specifically again, by this point I’m running two careers. I’m running a career in television as a voice server, which means you’re constantly listening for nuanced sounds because you’d be doing accents, you’d be doing different deliveries. So I’m waking up to really listening to sound. But on the other side, I’m working as a complementary therapy practitioner with a massage practice and a Reiki practice. And because of that exploration, I came across tuning forks. Okay. I thought, Oh, what are these do? And then it’s the couple of frequencies in particular, in the Python Korean range, which is the one that’s based on the Schumann resonance, which we can go into, if you would like, if your listeners are the Schumann, resonance is kind of the vibrational soup that we exist in.

Erica Longdon (9m 58s):
It’s the resonance. I’m not even going to go into the science, but it’s the resonance between the land. You’re standing on the top of our atmosphere. We live in a kind of resonance and it’s a round it’s about 7.8, three Hertz, route eight. Hertz is a mean figure. Cause it varies. Okay. So if you double eight, you get 16. If you double 16, you get 32. I do have a 32 tuning fork. If you double 32, you get 64. I serve that. Wasn’t one of the tuning forks I used most because if you put that tuning fork into the base of the spine with someone who’s got tension all the way up the spine, your autonomic nervous system is anchored right down on your tailbone. You put a 64 in it.

Erica Longdon (10m 39s):
And the whole system resets amazing our bodies understand that scale because it’s our vibrational soup. It’s what we live in. So I started, that was how I started with the tuning forks. I thought, especially with older clients, I had quite a few clients who I shall see as seventies, eighties, and as a master, you can’t go in hard. Yes. And I would then find out I put a 64 on them or a one to eight, when you double 64 and muscles would let go.

Christine Okezie (11m 9s):
That’s amazing. That’s amazing. And the, and the therapy would be in addition to the Reiki and the energy clearing or, or independent, just working with

Erica Longdon (11m 18s):
Tea. I’ve come to realize that what I am is a healer and I don’t, I can use them independently, but frankly, when I’ve got someone in front of me, I just bring in whatever they need. So if it’s Reiki, I actually do a treatment by call. So Reiki, which is sound and Reiki. Yeah. Because I’ve got my hand on them and I’m firing the tuning fork and I’m actually using Reiki and sound at the same time.

Christine Okezie (11m 42s):
That’s brilliant. That is so powerful. Oh my gosh. Okay. And I mean, I, as we were talking, before we started recording, I can personally attest to the chancellor made of benefit, transformative benefits of sound and vibration. And, you know, as a Kundalini yoga practitioner, the use of mantra, the use of, you know, your own voice, listening, chanting, even mentally vibrating. Some of these, you know, sort of ancient sounds is, is so, so therapeutic. So therapeutic and I love the exploration you go into in your book. So what inspired you to write vibrational healing? You know, what was the main objective of this book?

Erica Longdon (12m 20s):
I wanted to help people, but actually there was another point in my life. I was using this stuff and I was using mantra and I knew what it did and I was going on and I hit another cue. One of life’s lovely roadblocks That really kicked me and brought me to my knees. I had split up a relationship that meant a lot to me. And I went away strangely enough, down here to Cornwall. It began a whole journey where I live because I just thought I have to get away. And I was in a state and I thought I have to heal myself. And I remember being there and being very distressed and then it hit my health because when you’re emotionally distressed, it does take your health out.

Erica Longdon (13m 0s):
I remember laying there thinking, well, you eat the sink or you figure out how to swim. So what have I got? And I thought, you know about sound. So I’m starting to, to use the mantra as you know, in the sound and lift myself back up. And I thought, do you know what? You should be sharing this with other people? Yes. So I sat there in this Garrett in Cornwall, freezing cold in the middle of February and thought I’m going to start. And the idea then came to me in a meditation because by this time my angelic team were on the case again and going, okay, she’s listening now. We’ll give her the words. So the phrase Sonic Vitamins came to me that you, you structure this book, you’re talking about healing, you’re talking about something you could take.

Erica Longdon (13m 43s):
That’s easy to understand. And they said, why don’t you write it as a series of vitamins? Like you take vitamin C, if you’re sick for your body, why don’t you take vitamin C chakras and chanting your body? Because you’re sick in a different way. You’re trying to heal your emotions.

Christine Okezie (14m 1s):
Oh, brilliant. Oh my gosh. Okay. So let’s dive into that. So your book is organized by Andy and I love that vitamins by your, your side of the pond. Okay. but vitamin a, let’s just start with that. We may not get through all the vitamins I’m sure. But a is for affirmations and angels. And you’ve already mentioned a couple of times now about angelic guidance and this other area of sort of, you know, metaphysical, spiritual realm. That’s opened up to you.

Erica Longdon (14m 31s):
I, I expect no one’s belief system to be, you know, challenged in this. If you’ve never spoken to angels before, all I would say is perhaps you do have one as far as I’m concerned, but just maybe open your parameters of belief a little bit. I got into angels because of the Reiki. My Reiki masters partner was also an angel therapist. Okay. And I do remember peeping through that door and pushing the door open and thinking really angels. And of course, as soon as you start to work with them, they give you loads of signs and you think, okay. Yep. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’re you’re there. But as far as I’m concerned, angels are amazing, huge cosmic, energetic beings.

Erica Longdon (15m 13s):
So to me, they belong in this book and I know people, there are some people who might take issue with me over that. I would simply say, angels are mighty cosmic energies and vibrations. And therefore to me, they belong in a book on sound healing. And you don’t have to know how you just have to be willing to open up an ask and say, please help me and tell them what you want help with.

Christine Okezie (15m 38s):
Hm. And you mentioned before that we all have, as far as you know, you, you know, that we have at least one or two kind of angels shooting out for us. Tell us more about that. Like what, what can people kind of understand about, well, how do we, how do we know that? And how do we maybe test that theory out? How would you have an experience of that

Erica Longdon (15m 57s):
For folks? Well, the most common one, and I say this to people and they laugh and some people say isn’t that very irreverent. No, absolutely not. It’s practical. If you don’t believe in angels and you have to go somewhere where you know that parking your car is going to be different and difficult. Yes. You say, okay. I’m not sure if I believe in you, but I’m willing to open the door and trust a level. When I go there, please get me a parking space and tell them when you’re setting off and say, I’m going there, you know, Hey, I’m going to be there in about 20 minutes. Please get me a parking space. Okay. Watch what happens.

Christine Okezie (16m 36s):
Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay. Yeah.

Erica Longdon (16m 39s):
That’s what I did. I wasn’t sure when I’ve been talking to my Reiki masters partner, I used to live in a tiny town in a very congested place in, in Kent, in England where it just parking was help. You just couldn’t get a parking space. And I remember driving back from their premises. I’m thinking, okay, parking angel, if you exist, get me a space. And I drove along the road and I thought there’s nothing. And just as I got to my house, the car outside, my house pulled away. And that was my space. I thought, okay, I’m listening.

Christine Okezie (17m 11s):
You know, and it, and it, it goes to say, okay, so what are we doing if we’re having that expectation or we’re asking for help, or we’re trying to look beyond that, which we can see, what are we doing? Right. And again, the question is, what are we not doing? We’re not sitting there going, Oh, this is going to suck. This is terrible. This is so hard. I’m never going to find a parking space. You know, this always happens to me. And that vibration right. That we put ourselves in right. Would be the opposite of what you’re inviting us to do. Which again, now I understand. So is it, would it be around just, you know, because are maybe talking about again, how this is related to affirmations because they’re thoughts, thoughts are three currencies, right? Yeah.

Erica Longdon (17m 51s):
And I would say taking it on from angels and just wrapping up the angels. If you want to know your angels are about, ask them for a sign, ask them to be gentle. You don’t want a big sign, like my car crash. Yeah. I’m just, you’ll just find white feathers and little coins or things will happen for you. But I would also say taking that thought on that it led me in the book to thinking affirmations and I’ve done a lot of work with the wonderful Louise hay and her affirmations. And I was fortunate enough to meet her. When did you realize, Oh, she’s just phenomenal. What A power, what a lady, what humility, but yeah, indeed. Beautiful. But I would say with affirmations when people say, Oh, I do affirmations, but they don’t work for me. I’ve actually said it in the book will, how did you deliver it?

Erica Longdon (18m 34s):
Right. Because your thoughts, so also powerful, energetic vibrations. And if you say, I’m wanting to get thin, I am, I am a slim slender person. And part of your brains going, Oh yeah, that’s gonna work. How are you delivering it? It’s got to come from your heart. If it comes through your head, it’s a mental thing. And as human beings, we’re always going chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. And you can say the affirmation in your head over and over and over. And it will work to a certain extent because the universe is listening, but he, she feel it. If it comes from your heart, I mean, science has now proven, but the heart is 5,000 times stronger as an energetic transmitter than the brain.

Erica Longdon (19m 20s):
You know, they’ve put those diodes on people’s heads and they’ve, they’ve tracked the heart and energetically, the heart is just so much more powerful.

Christine Okezie (19m 30s):
Yes, yes, yes. What, what the sages have known for a long time. We are, we’re having instruments that can prove this out for us, right? Yeah. That’s wonderful. That is wonderfully validating. Okay. So angels and affirmations B is breath. Now this is another wonderful that shows the, the richness of, of your book because we think, Oh, we think sound healing. We think, Oh, gongs and bowls, you know, but again, what you’re inviting us to see is this more, bigger context for vibration for living in as energetic beings. So how does breath work into sound healing?

Erica Longdon (20m 8s):
Well, in terms of us as vibrational beings, breath is the first thing you ever did. You were born and you inspired. And when we pass back into spirit, the last thing you’re going to do is expire. And in between you tend, well, you tend to be working. You’re speaking, you’re breathing. And that’s where actually where the word conspiracy comes from. We conspire, we do it together. We’re all breathing. Even the earth is breathing. There are pictures. If you look at the planet, Nasser have taken them. She breeds but breakfast. The first thing you did, and you can’t make any Sonic utterance without breath, it’s your powerhouse.

Erica Longdon (20m 49s):
And, you know, as a Kundalini yoga teacher, the power that comes from breath and understanding how to breathe and that your breathing, I mean, just in scientific terms, we have a, a nerve, the 10th cranial nerve, the vagus nerve that comes out from your skull and it’s called way Vegas means wandering. And this is one of the biggest nerves in the body. It controls, it does control your breathing, but it’s controlled by breathing. And it controls your heart, your digestive system, your endocrine system. So just by breathing properly, that is the way to reset and calibrate your whole body.

Erica Longdon (21m 30s):
So for me, it’s gotta be a Sonic vitamin.

Christine Okezie (21m 33s):
I love that. Thank you. Thank you. Now, bowls. So you know, more and more traditionally associated with sound healing. We may have, you know, crystal bowls and, and, and how do they work? Maybe you can walk us through, how does that work? Exactly.

Erica Longdon (21m 49s):
Well, again, it’s it’s to do with frequency. Okay. Bowls are, I don’t know whether the ratio is the original ratios did calibrate their bowls to certain frequencies. We can’t know should we don’t know, but for sure, certain frequencies, and also they’re made of eight different metals and it’s supposed to, it’s a special recipe that the old, so you used to have these, this metal alloy and bowls create a frequency, but it vibrates. And it also goes in a circular fashion. So especially the crystal balls were stood up above a big one. It goes into your house. You just powerful. Yeah. Yeah. And because I suspect the re-issues did know, of course they did because of the ancient wisdom, that different frequencies.

Erica Longdon (22m 36s):
And I do talk about this invitation be actually in breath, different frequencies. We’ve now scientifically found out affect different organs and systems in the body. Okay. So you might listen to one bowl one day and think, Oh, that was nice. I was just very relaxing. And another day it would really, you know, if you’re not feeling well, it was suddenly shifts something in your health and maybe that’s because that’s the frequency of bowl that you’d need it. And the thing I love about which I never knew till I researched this book, and now I know it is then of course we’ve come on in modern days. I think it was 1990s. We started to make crystal balls because we have the technology and they came out of the computer industry.

Erica Longdon (23m 18s):
Is that right? Interesting Silicon. And what you do is you throw a whole load of sand into a centrifugal force and you fire it. I forgotten how it’s an torch arc mechanism that fires an incredibly high temperature and suddenly the whole lot just solidifies. Wow. Wow. And then you, you either sand it down or you configure it to be a certain frequency, but what you’ve then got is a court’s Silicon and a specific frequency. And as we know from the computer industry, the reason that Silicon is used is it’s because it’s a transmitter of thought and energy and program a crystal bowl.

Christine Okezie (23m 59s):
Wow. And you add a certain intention. Really? This is amazing. I love it. Thank you. Okay. All right. So this brings us to a related segment on chakra is, which is C how are, how is, how do you work with the chakra is, or how can you explain how again, therapeutic sound healing works with the chakra system?

Erica Longdon (24m 21s):
Well, there’s lots of schools of thought on this, take your pick, but the chakras also also have notes and frequencies attached to them. Traditionally I’m in a usual musical scale for people starts on the notes, seeing a C, D E F, et cetera, up the scale. So most people attach the base chakra to a C and then they work their way up to the top. Shakra it’s another skill school of thought that says you should start on a G. I actually don’t think it matters where you start as long as you start. Interesting.

Christine Okezie (24m 58s):
Okay. Okay. Okay.

Erica Longdon (25m 0s):
And you can then chant with the chakras. Again, there are many different schools and ways of doing it. The very traditional one started with UN most people know the one for the sacral. Shakra the power one. Cause it’s just had so much exposure in the movies of rum, rum, rum, rum, rum, but actually each chakra has its own seed seed. Yes. The beach seeds. So yeah. And if you want it, then attach that to a certain frequency or a certain scale. Again, you’re working three things at once. Yeah.

Christine Okezie (25m 34s):
I I’m, I’m seeing all these interconnections. It’s really beautiful. Okay. And then now let’s just jump over to the gong because I have a particular affinity for that. You know, I mean, that was really, I literally that’s my story is that I went to my first Kundalini class. I had no idea what I was in for. They played the gong and it literally cracked me wide open in a good way, but I had no idea what happened. I was just a puddle on the floor, just all this emotion came out. So I don’t know that much about, and one day I, I am endeavoring to learn how to play and get a gong myself, but please explain like, how are they made? What do they do? Why are they so powerful?

Erica Longdon (26m 15s):
The usually made the best ones. I understand it. And made I came across gongs because I used to attend Kundalini yoga. And my Kundalini yoga master was also a gong master, a phenomenal gong master. And he has helped me write this chapter because I wanted to, to get his information on it. And one of his great quotes that he always said is the agent said, if you were gone for 10 days, you could be cured of anything. I think that is probably true. and there are many, many gongs and he’s actually got a room full of them. And he, he picks the gongs. If you go to a, a gong bath, and if you have never been to a gong bath and you can get to one, I would say, please go, please go.

Erica Longdon (27m 0s):
They are so powerful. You get a gong classs. . Cause people think, Oh, those just get a gong and hit it, go bong, bong, bong. They do not. They make them speak and sing and are other worldly, I mean, are just astounding.

Christine Okezie (27m 13s):
It is astounding. Yes. Yes, yes, yes. Amazing. Okay. And you know, in the, in the age that we’re living now in virtual, you know, most of us aren’t able to do a lot of these things are just starting to open the up to find a sound back, to find a crystal bowl healing and everything in person. Does it work? Does it have the same therapeutic benefits? If you are doing it virtually, if you’re just listening remotely,

Erica Longdon (27m 39s):
I’ll share a story with you. That’s come to me recently because I do believe it does, but this will illustrate it. Ever since I wrote this book, a lady has written to me who is actually a therapist as well. And she’d had some very, very devastating circumstances in her life. And she said, normally I pick myself up, but this time I couldn’t, she said, I was just so knocked back by life. And she said, I’d read your book and remembered the chapter you wrote on gongs. And in particular, I quoted this gong master Mark’s one and said he has some albums upon the internet. If you can’t get to a gong session in person, which is phenomenal, it does work to put on some headphones and listen.

Erica Longdon (28m 23s):
So, and she wrote to me and said, I read that. And I just had this intuitive knowing that maybe this was going to work. So she got some headphones as she went on the internet and she found Mark and some of the gong masters and started to listen. And she said, it pulled me straight up out of this black pit. And I’m now back. She said, I’m not a hundred percent, but I know that I’m going to be all right. And I was just so touched. I wrote to Mark and told him

Christine Okezie (28m 47s):
That’s brilliant. Oh my gosh, thank you. That leads me to the question in your experience. You know, what actually, what types of physical or emotional health life challenges have you been most surprised by, or that you have experts, you know, have great success with, maybe there’s a story or two about someone you’ve worked with that came to you because people go, well, I’m not sure do I go because I’m feeling overwhelmed and I’m stressed. Will it help with, you know, physical issues or physical challenges? You know, what do you know about that?

Erica Longdon (29m 21s):
I think it will work. Sound will work with all challenges. And I suspect it’s where you are in your journey through life. What kind of sound healing you need? I mean, this lady we’ve just spoken of needed gongs and it just, she got the information at the right time and she acted on it and it helped her when I’ve been using tuning forks. I’m initially certainly as a, as a massage therapist, I was using them physically. So I was getting bones and muscles and nervous systems to let go. Yes, I’ve not taken that study on further with a lovely friend of mine, Debbie Walker, who developed an entire system, much more working energetically and emotionally.

Erica Longdon (30m 8s):
And she’s worked a system using arm who doesn’t like, Oh one, three, 6.1. Hertz is just astounding. It’s the sound? And so she’s developed this, this basic 45 minute program, which will certainly lift most people out of most things. And then in addition, you can start bringing in other tuning forks to work on emotional States or spiritual States or, you know, transitional States where people are stuck. So I think you can use sound. That’s intentional sound applied by a therapist, but the other great thing is we’re all sound healers.

Erica Longdon (30m 49s):
We all have a voice. And, and you’ve had a voice since you were born and you were breathing and it is, you don’t have to have an instrument that is your instrument. You can use it, you can use it for affirmations. You can chant one of the most powerful things. I think I’ve ever come across. And if you’ve got a group of friends, I would say, go and try. This is you have enough of you to sit in a small circle and you put one of you in the center and you start with a small chant. You started on an OU, just three seconds. Oh, lights

3 (31m 22s):

Erica Longdon (31m 25s):
And you slept change it into what I call vitamin N, which is that person’s name because your name is personal to you. I don’t care if there’s hundreds of Erica’s or hundreds on the planet. It’s personal to that person. And you heard it probably in the womb and you’ve heard it since the day you were born. And when someone chants your name in a circle with intent. So for example, if you had a name like Christine, it’s got three syllables And you do that with a circle. I promised you it moves mountains.

Erica Longdon (32m 6s):
Yeah. Well,

Christine Okezie (32m 6s):
I just got goosebumps right now just because your name is personal to you. Yeah, yeah.

Erica Longdon (32m 13s):
With some intent behind it and some music

Christine Okezie (32m 17s):
Amazing. You know, you, you talked about in the, in the book or maybe one of the interviews, I love the quote. You say, you know, our voice is not about entertainment. It’s about entrainment. Yeah. And I think that really helps because even me, when I started getting into, you know, the chanting and the yoga, that was the most unfamiliar aspect of it. And there’s some kind of degree of self-consciousness around that, you know? And Ooh, you know, I can’t sing. I’m not a good singer. I don’t have a good voice. Right. And there’s that resistance.

Erica Longdon (32m 49s):
Yeah. It is. This is not about, America’s Got Talent, it’s about healing you, which is why I say it’s entrainment, not entertainment. You’re in entraining your body. Yes. Using frequencies and sound and voice. And it’s your voice and you hear your voice uniquely inside you. No one hears your voice like you do, because that’s how we’re set up. The number of times you put people who’ve never been on radio and you record them and you play it back and they go, do I sound like, of course, yes, of course you do, because you don’t hear your voice the same. And so your voice is such a powerful gift to you.

Erica Longdon (33m 30s):
And it’s not about going and giving a performance. It’s about healing. You.

Christine Okezie (33m 34s):
Yeah. Going back to that attunement essentially is what this is all about. It’s what

Erica Longdon (33m 40s):
Stewart Pierce would call your heart’s note. It is your heart’s note.

Christine Okezie (33m 44s):
Thank you for that. Wow. Okay. Now what’s the relationship between sound healing and astrology.

Erica Longdon (33m 52s):
Okay. I’m not an astrologer, but the keenest connection that I would know is about using gongs. Okay. Because in the guns, you’ve obviously got the gongs for all the planets. You’ve got the sun gong, the mercury, the Venus, there’s an earth gong and an earth year gong, this various ones around earth. So the only astrology and sound that I’ve come across in used is with a gong master. And they would create a gong bath based on the astrology of the day that you’re attending the gong Barts. So if, for example, the sun was in Libra, which is ruled by Venus.

Erica Longdon (34m 34s):
They be using the sun gong, the Venus gong. If it was a full moon that day they’d bring the moon gong in. Okay. So you can get gong, masters who use astrology. So,

Christine Okezie (34m 44s):
And, and to attuning the, our body, you know, the, our organism to the frequency of the planets frequency of sort of the, you know, collective, I guess, in that regard. Okay. Cause you do a lot of work, you know, around a strop astrological readings or angelic healings. Can you talk to us how that kind of speaks to you these days in terms of the Sonic vitamins? And it’s just an interesting intersection for me.

Erica Longdon (35m 13s):
I love astrology. I have to say hands up, I am not an astrologer, but I work with 50 people who are smiling attention. Beautiful. That’s great. So I’m aware of the attributes of the different planets and things like that. So again, I would look to see, look at good astrologists and look to see where the astrology of the day or the week was. And if I felt that there was a particular aspect that spoke to me, perhaps again, I go to Venus because it’s my ruling planet. But if you were a cancer-free and the moon would be your ruling planet, maybe you could find some sounds that would work with that.

Erica Longdon (35m 58s):
Okay. Okay. It’s all about sensuality and emotional issues. And it happens to be 210.4, two Hertz. So you could work with it that way.

Christine Okezie (36m 13s):
Just a deeper understanding of the energy, the, the different components of energy, I guess, and how to set our frequency to the most optimal. Is that kind of what we’re going for? Okay. Okay. Now you mentioned, you know, listening, which, which another thing you talk about in the book is the power of silence. Now this is really quite paradoxical. You’re all talking about it. This

Erica Longdon (36m 37s):
Has to go in there. It’s such a powerful Sonic vitamin. How so? How often in this day and age, do we ever get any silence in ancient days? You did. I haven’t had real silence till I moved. I just moved way down to the bottom of the UK, accounted called Cornwall. And I left right out in the country. I live 400 yards from the ocean birds and I get ocean and nothing else. But when I lived formerly in the other end of the country, I couldn’t go anywhere in that County where I could not hear a car on a motorway and an aircraft, and then never did you get any silence?

Erica Longdon (37m 19s):
And we live in this kaufmanni of sound these days, even more so for children, if there’s not television in the background, there’s something else we have lost. The art of silence and silence is incredibly important to us. The anytime you get new silences, if you put on air canceling headphones these days, and actually if you ask any musician the importance of silence, and I do play the flute, not professionally, I have to say, I just play it because I enjoy it. But, but I’ve played with a lot of professional jazz musicians and they would all say the silence between the notes is as important as the notes themselves.

Erica Longdon (38m 2s):
Because in that gap, you listen and become aware. If you just played a string of endless notes, it would be irritating. What makes music is where do you put the gap? Right. The silence, right?

Christine Okezie (38m 17s):
Yeah. And it, and it goes to speak to, you know, again, complimentary tools of meditation and stillness practices, right? So in many ways, yes, yes. Yeah. The

Erica Longdon (38m 28s):
Wasted to perhaps still your mind, if you have a problem with that, and at least you can get a room where it’s fairly quiet is to get a singing bowl and tap the bowl and listen to the note and let the note die away until you come into the silence. Wonderful, wonderful. Do that with children who have trouble coming into that quiet place.

Christine Okezie (38m 51s):
That’s a beautiful technique actually. How do you, you, you personally, you sound in your daily life.

Erica Longdon (38m 60s):
I chant for sure. I am quite often on the beach at seven 30 in the morning. Challenging onto the waves. Yes. Yes. Love it. I love chanting tuning forks, for sure. I’ve got lots of sets of tuning forks, and I try and keep myself in balance by using them. Because if I’m not in balance, then that’s not the right place to start trying to heal someone else. So for me, tuning forks, silence, the power of silence of just being able to be quiet and come into the space where you’re not only listening to yourself, but if you want to start working with say angels, you can’t hear them till you can quieten yourself down.

Christine Okezie (39m 47s):
Thank you. Okay. Okay. Wonderful. Wonderful. And what should people be looking for if they wanted to go and get a sound healing like, you know, are there, what should we be looking for to get good benefit from attending a gong bath, attending a crystal bowl sound?

Erica Longdon (40m 6s):
I would, if, if you had no knowledge of what was in your area and you would looking, I would look to see other people’s reactions, I’d get I’d listened on the internet and get a sense of, does the gong speak to me? I’ve never met anybody that gong didn’t speak to, but it, Hey, it may not be your thing. Would I prefer a quieter session, a one-on-one with a sound healer or use tuning forks. Beautiful. Would I like to join? If that’s not your thing, would you like a drumming group? Drumming is a powerful go join a drumming group. And

Christine Okezie (40m 40s):
There are drumming circles, right?

Erica Longdon (40m 42s):
Absolutely. A drum out some of that emotion and, you know, get involved, get physical. If that’s your thing, know yourself and then go and find something that helps, that speaks to that. And it may not be the same thing. One week you might need a drumming circle to really get physical and drum. And the next week you might need something very quiet.

Christine Okezie (41m 6s):
Yeah. Yes, yes. And I think that that’s what you lay out in your book is, you know, again, a to Z, so to speak, to kind of explore and find out what works for you. Okay.

Erica Longdon (41m 15s):
Yeah. Well, if you take dietary vitamins, vitamin C, if you’re feeling a little run down, if you don’t have enough sunshine, you’re going to go for vitamin D. We change what we need in a dietary sense. We’re exactly the same energetically go for what you need. Take a multivitamin.

Christine Okezie (41m 34s):
I love that. I love that. Okay. And of course you probably get this question a lot, but I am curious to understand more from you. What if someone is hearing impaired? What if they’re death?

Erica Longdon (41m 46s):
It still works. I have, when I trained, you can do tuning forks on someone who’s healing impaired. And what you do is you put the tuning fork physically on the body, so the bones are picking it up. Okay. There’s a very, very famous drama. I don’t know if she’s known in the States. I think she’s been at called Evelyn Glennie and she, and she’s a professional world-class drummer. She feels it through her feet.

Christine Okezie (42m 10s):
Amazing. Amazing. Thank you. Okay. And I always ask this, you know, but what 2020 is extraordinary year. And if you could share maybe what your biggest personal lesson or takeaway was.

Erica Longdon (42m 27s):
I think my, I take away as somebody. I wish I’d said it, but I didn’t. Somebody actually said humanity has just been sent, sent to its room to think about its behavior. And that’s exactly what I think happened. And I think so many people have had light bulb moments about what is really important when we’ve stripped away the to-do list and people have reconnected to nature. Hugely people are growing things. People have realized because their family was threatened. How much family meant to them. They’ve realized the importance of the planet. And they’ve also realized because they were slowing down that we’re too busy and they don’t want to go back to it.

Erica Longdon (43m 10s):
And I certainly in the UK here, I see massive changes. Yeah.

Christine Okezie (43m 17s):
Wonderful. And how was the sound, you know, all the tools. Cause I know I’m very grateful for the tools that I’ve had to help me navigate through these difficult times. I can imagine the same goes for you with regard to your angelic guidance and just, you know, tuning in, keeping yourself attuned in, in the right vibration has really helped you as well. It

Erica Longdon (43m 38s):
Has cause a lot of people felt the isolation, they weren’t used to, it it’s really unhinged, quite a few people and they’re not used to being alone and not used to being separate from other humans. And I get that. I do feel it. So I think it’s very important. Conversation became very important, which is a sound yes. People had to get used to being still, which I think was a problem for some people, but they maybe got the hang of it. But the other great thing that we did, and I think you did something similar in the States is we had something every Thursday night where people, even though they weren’t allowed to mix a mingle, they would go out into the road with every source when they could find and hammer and bang and cheer for, I think you called it Wolf howling.

Erica Longdon (44m 24s):
You had some

Christine Okezie (44m 25s):
Experience. Yeah. It was for the healthcare workers, right? Yes I do. I haven’t thought about that in a while. Yes. But that was

Erica Longdon (44m 30s):
A form of healing.

Christine Okezie (44m 33s):
Amazing. So even just intuitively we know the healing power of sound and how it connects us at on a very, almost primal level, you know, that’s exactly what it did. Yeah. Amazing. Okay. And then are you, I just want to ask, are you doing remote sessions? Can you do remote sessions with, with tuning forks and biofield healing and all

Erica Longdon (44m 56s):
Of this? I do. And I offer one to listen because it’s because the person needs to be listening or maybe on headphones or in a certain way, I offer a service, that’s an MP3 healing service. So they would purchase the service and tell me what it is they hope to address. And I create using my microphone and my studio or recording, but I would bring in whatever they need. It could be tuning forks, it could be voice, it could be singing bowls. I create it as an MP3 and send it to them. So then at a moment of their choosing, they put on some headphones and they’ve got it permanently then. Cause sometimes you need the repetition of the sound several times with that frequency.

Erica Longdon (45m 37s):
So it seemed to me that the best way to do it was to be able to recreate a specially crafted recording and send it.

Christine Okezie (45m 45s):
Oh my gosh, that’s brilliant. And so how can our listeners find out about that?

Erica Longdon (45m 50s):
If you go onto this, the site I work with called one to listen and that’s the numbers 12 one two, listen.com. And you look under my name, it’s under an email based service. You’ll see, I’ve got an MP3 healing session and that’s exactly what I can do if that’s what they would like I can do because I Retiro as well and do readings. I can read tarot and do it reading. But what I can also offer is sound healing that is tailored to people’s needs.

Christine Okezie (46m 18s):
That is so beautiful. I love that. So a very personalized prescription, if you will keep using it. Okay. Well thank you. I’ll definitely include all of that in the show notes, Erica, this has been amazing. And is there anything maybe that I didn’t know enough to ask you that you want to share?

Erica Longdon (46m 34s):
I just love sound. The power of sound is just phenomenal. I mean the scientist Einstein said it as well. There is no matter we are all just connected. We’re all of vibration and I just love the power of what sound can do. Mm.

Christine Okezie (46m 53s):
Thank you. Okay. And then a beautiful invitation to go and have that sort of grander perspective on what’s available with something so simple, but something so profound, you know, and our every day. So thank you so much, Erica. This has been a joy.

Erica Longdon (47m 7s):
Thank you so much. I so appreciate being able to talk about the power of sound. I just love

Christine Okezie (47m 12s):
It. All right. And everybody has to go out and get this book for sure. All right. Thank you. And you. Thank you. Bye bye.

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