#073 Healing Your Thyroid With Ayurveda – Interview With Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum

My guest is Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum who brings over 30 years of experience in Ayurvedic medicine helping patients address a whole range of health conditions. Her particular passion and expertise has been helping people address the growing epidemic of thyroid disease. She is the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Healing the Thyroid With Ayurveda” Natural Treatments for Hashimoto’s, Hypothyroidism, and Hyperthyroidism.

Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum has studied with several prominent Ayurvedic doctors, including Stuart Rothenberg, M.D., and Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra. She lectures and writes extensively about Ayurvedic treatments for all diseases. She has a thriving private practice and lives outside of Philadelphia.

In today’s enlightening conversation, we dive deep into the underlying reasons for thyroid malfunction, such as inflammation, poor nutrition, stress, and toxins, and how critical it is to understand just how interconnected the thyroid the health of the rest of the body.

If you’ve been one of the many who have been told by conventional medicine that your thyroid labs are normal but you know by the way you feel your health is far from normal then you will definitely want to listen to the wisdom that Dr. Teitelbaum has to share.

Visit Her Website: https://drmteitelbaum.com

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=marianne+teitelbaum+youtube

Buy the Book: “Healing the Thyroid With Ayurveda”

Recommended Resource: https://mapi.com

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