Energy Bite The Power to Choose

When it comes to creating your best health, your greatest superpower is the Power to Choose.   Think about it, you make choices every minute of every day that directly shape your life ...

December 8
What is Energetic Nourishment Energy Bite What is Energetic Nourishment?

Energetic Nourishment is a new empowering paradigm for nutrition, weight loss and metabolic disease. It addresses the huge missing piece in the conversation about today’s most prevalent food and ...

November 19
Metabolic Power of Gratitude Energy Bite The Metabolic Power of Gratitude

When it comes to popular weight loss strategies a deliberate practice of gratitude is certainly not at the top of the list. After all, you’ve probably been conditioned to believe there’s not a ...

November 16
Truth About The Thyroid Health Article The Truth About the Thyroid

Struggling with chronic fatigue, weight gain, depression? You could be one of the estimated 30 million people in America with thyroid dysfunction. Hypothyroidism, underactive thyroid, is one of the ...

November 15
The Missing Piece Energy Bite The Missing Piece

In my work, I know that unprocessed emotions are one of the leading causes of food and weight struggles. They drive our unwanted habits and are at the root of self sabotaging behaviors. I’ve worked ...

November 13
Truth About Sugar Health Article Truth About Sugar

Sugar, sugar, sugar.  That sweet stuff that's everywhere. For many, it's a reward, a comfort, and a friend to call on in time of need.  Be warned though, the fact is that so-called "friend" may ...

November 11
Your mind impacts your metabolism Energy Bite Your Mind Impacts Your Metabolism

The biggest challenge we have when it comes to health is our unconscious addiction to living in survival mode. Despite how much we know about the importance of eating wholesome foods, good sleep and ...

November 11
Dietary Perfectionism Health Article Dietary Perfectionism

A Recipe for Food Stress, Overeating and Weight Gain Do you pride yourself on being a perfectionist?   You set the bar high, believe in doing things the right way or not at all, tell yourself that ...

November 9
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